Power Generation

India’s developmental needs critically depend on the availability of an uninterrupted power supply.
The fast trajectory of growth of the economy demands power generation that can fuel the ambitions of every industry. With a growing population, especially that in urban areas, this new industrializing country (NIC) has increasing demands of electricity and power production. In last six decades, India’s energy use has increased 16 times and installed electricity capacity by 84 times.

Given the concerns faced by the industry from power sources to distribution, and the pressures from the growing demographic changes, the need of the hour is fuel-efficient, cost-effective power generation equipment.

JCB, the leading construction equipment manufacturer, is also a name to reckon with in the power generation industry. With a range of power generators designed to address the requirements of a host of industries, right from hospitals and educational institutions to restaurants, the banking and financial industry and many others, JCB diesel power generators are helping power the growth of Indian industry across sectors.

Amongst all power generation companies, JCB’s range of diesel power generators that generate power output from 63kVA to 125-160kVA are recognized as durable, effective and efficient.

The JCB G63QI is a compact, fuel-efficient, easy-to-operate diesel power generator that is designed to work even in extreme weather conditions, including temperatures of up to 51 degrees Celsius. This makes it apt for power generation projects like those of hospitals and educational institutions besides others.

With reliability and durability being key facets for power generation projects in industries, the JCB 125-160kVA power generator offers maximum fuel efficiency for industries including commercial estates, Government departments, Real Estate and the Food Industry amongst others. This diesel power generator is engineered for
effective performance, serviceability, strength and safety.

Small in size and yet huge in performance, the JCB G80QI diesel power generator is a flagship product amongst all power generation companies and finds deep resonance across industries. For the power generation industry, the JCB G80QI is the benchmark of quality and efficiency when it comes to power generation projects.

The reality of power generation companies and the power generation industry as a whole is that given the need for an increase in power capacity and the unreliability of an uninterrupted source of power by industry, diesel power generators act as a substitute for a grid or as an emergency backup.

In this light, the JCB G100QI assumes critical importance as a dependable and reliable partner. With JCB’s ecoMAX engine that offers superior performance, low fuel consumption and increased efficiency, this diesel power generator offers a competitive edge while ensuring its low maintenance makes it the first choice for the industry.

JCB Power Generators have established themselves as a reliable partner for industry and a partner in the India story of growth and development.

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