Agriculture accounts for about 14 per cent of India’s GDP and about 11 per cent of its exports. With the second largest arable land base (159.7 million hectare) after the US and the largest gross irrigated area (88 million hectare) in the world, over 60 per cent of the country’s population, comprising several million small farming households, depends on agriculture as a principal income source and land continues to be the main asset for livelihood security.

In India, water availability per capita has declined from 5 000 cubic metre (m3) per annum in 1950 to around 2 000 m3  now and is projected to decline to  1 500 m3  by 2025 leading to far less water availability for agriculture.  

Coupled with the uncertainty of the monsoon, both in time and place and irregular rainfall throughout the year, the Government has embarked on a war footing to ensure adequate, effective and efficient irrigation systems across the country. 

With major constructions underway and planned across Dams, Major Canals, Reservoirs and Bunds, Subsidiary Canals, Distributor Canals, Irrigation Channels, Irrigation Pipelines, Ponds and Waterbodies, the need of the hour is a reliable, dependable irrigation equipment manufacturer, supplier and partner who can facilitate the growth of the agricultural sector through irrigation efficiencies.

JCB, the leading construction equipment manufacturer, is a name to reckon with in the agriculture and irrigation equipment industry.

The JCB range of Backhoe Loaders, Super Loaders, Telescopic Handlers, Compactors and ,Excavators  (8 tonne – 30 tonne) have been designed to offer efficiencies of scale and performance across the entire process of construction linked to developing irrigation facilities. 

As an equipment manufacturer, JCB incorporates state-of-the-art technology in its machines to help achieve optimum performance across various applications:
  • De-silting
  • Rock/soil excavation
  • Embankment foundation
  • Compacting
  • Reinforcing
  • Concreting 
  • Curing 

Versatility, value and performance are also the hallmarks of JCB Excavators and are readily accepted and deployed for a host of agricultural and construction of irrigation challenges from tube wells to canals and reservoirs to dams.

Amongst irrigation equipment manufacturers and suppliers, JCB’s range of state-of-the-art and, innovatively designed equipment boasts of maximum efficiencies and performance across a host of functions and processes.

The Government’s vision for the growth of the agriculture industry through the development and construction of irrigation facilities can be appropriately, adequately and efficiently met with the JCB range of agricultural and irrigation equipment.


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