• Portability and far smaller honda petrol engine driven hydraulic power pack makes better business sense than pneumatic or electrical options.
  • Combination of performance, compact & user friendly design ensures overall efficiency without comparison.
  • Same power at the tool with an 8 hp JCB powerpack rather than a 40 hp air compressor.
  • Unique suction circuit eliminates pulsation damage to cooler.
  • Power-on-demand system that reduces off load engine speed to idle, giving reduced noise levels and less engineer wear and lower fuel consumption.
  • Swing open frame provides an excellent maintenance access to engine and hydraulics.
  • Adjustable hydraulic flow gives precision control and integral hose track prevents damage to hoses.
  • Rock breaking
  • Demolishing
  • Concrete & steel cutting


66 kg
Max pressure
138 bar
Main hoses
7 m

Technical Parameters

Weight 66 kg
Engine Honda GX240
Hyd flow 0 - 20lpm
Max pressure 138 bar
Main hoses 7 m
Hyd oil capacity/ fuel capacity 5 L / 6 L


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