Performance, power, and a comfortable cab.

What more could you want from a machine? From effortlessly shovelling soil and muck to smoothly handling bales, pallets and materials, the JCB 434S Wheel Loader simply makes life easy. 

Ultra-efficient, ultra-comfortable, and ultra-low-maintenance, it’s a pleasure to work with, day in day out. 

434S Application


With a colossal power-to-weight ratio of 16.8hp per tonne, this 230-horsepower wheel loading shovel delivers ultimate onroad, offroad, and hill climb performance.

  • Quality Cummins QSB 6.7 litre engine produces a huge 230hp.
  • Increased performance at low engine speed thanks to the built-in turbocharger.
  • Excellent power and attachment control due to constant torque loader arms throughout the full carriage rotation.
  • Improved acceleration, hill climbing and roading performance thanks to 6-speed powershift transmission and closer gear ratios.


We've designed the JCB 434S engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in ultra-efficient harmony. So you can move more material with less energy.

  • More efficient fuel consumption, as our torque converter’s 6-speed powershift transmission ensures you’re always in the right gear.
  • Improved fuel economy, due to brakes rotating at the same speed as the wheels for reduced heat and drag.
  • Precise, efficient loader control, thanks to our innovative variable displacement pumps, which feed a load-sensing valve block that only consumes power on demand.


Just like every machine that carries the JCB name, this JCB loading shovel is designed to keep you working safely, hour after hour, day after day.

  • Superior strength and durability thanks to finite element analysis and rigorous rig testing.
  • Purpose-built to meet the high demands of agricultural applications and other challenging environments.
  • Tolerates both vertical and horizontal loadings due to the durable, rigid, and reliable articulation joint.


Keep your operators feeling fresh and alert for longer, with excellent visibility, intuitive ergonomic controls, and a roomy, quiet, and easy to access 3m³ cab. It’s safer, more productive, and a pleasure to work with.

  • Adjust the tilting, telescopic steering column for a perfectly personalised working position.
  • Enjoy fast, slick machine operation with the joystick’s integrated proportionality auxiliary controls.
  • Easily monitor machine health and prevent damage with the stylish LCD display in the centre of the dash.


A wheeled loading shovel needs to spend the maximum amount of time hard at work. We've designed the 434S to do just that, with long service intervals and quality, low-maintenance components.

  • Large single-faced cooling package allows for quick, easy and safe cleaning. 
  • Ground level daily check and grease point access makes life easier and safer.
  • Electronic monitoring system relays machine conditions, provides real-time alerts, and helps to safeguard the machine and operator.
  • Braking system has a virtually maintenance-free lifespan thanks to full hydraulic dual circuit braking with multiple oil-immersed discs.

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