Service Fluids

The comprehensive range of JCB lubricants has been approved by JCB’s engineers and designers to ensure that your engine, transmission, hydraulic system and other key components are fully protected.

The raw materials used come from a single source of crude oil and are totally traceable from ground to can, and they come with the back-up of JCB’s trained global aftersales network.

JCB offers:

  • Wide range of specialist lubricants for all applications
  • High quality base oils
  • Blended with sophisticated additive packages
  • Quality service fluids for all applications
  • Selection of high quality lubricant handling equipment

JCB greases play a vital part in offering the protection that can keep machinery up and running. The JCB grease range includes products specifically designed and developed to provide long life protection under the most extreme conditions.

  • Wide range of products in various pack sizes to suit all applications
  • Selection of accessories for the safe handling and application of the grease
  • Customers can optimise maintenance scheduling, reduce downtime and reduce operating costs

JCB Special MPL-EP Grease

JCB Special MPL-EP Grease is a true multi purpose, cost effective grease recommended for a wide range of lubricating duties.

JCB Special HP Grease

JCB Special HP Grease is a premium quality extreme pressure grease recommended for use in arduous operating conditions.

JCB Grease for JCB Breakers

JCB offers 3 types of specially formulated grease for use with the range of JCB breakers.

Note: Only approved JCB Hammer Greases should be used. Damage to the breaker can occur if standard machine greases are used.

JCB Special Hammer Grease This grease is recommended for small and medium sized breakers, working in non-arduous conditions. It provides a highly effective lubricant on slow moving components, along with excellent corrosion resistant properties. All breakers are supplied as standard with a grease gun and regular greasing is essential to protect the breaker components and minimise downtime. JCB Extreme Performance Hammer Grease This unique aluminium complex grease is recommended for use on the complete range of JCB breakers. It is specifically designed for use with large breakers and in situations where resistance to water is critical. JCB AUTOGREASE This grease is for use with the JCB AUTOGREASE system fitted to the large breaker range. The specially designed cartridges screw into the AUTOGREASE system on the breaker housing. Note: The JCB AUTOGREASE system only accepts the AUTOGREASE cartridge. AUTOGREASE cartridges are clear to allow the operator to monitor grease levels.

JCB HP Antifreeze is essential for ALL modern machines. With the introduction of Tier 3 and Tier 4i/Stage III B emission legislation a bigger demand is placed on engines and their associated cooling systems. For example, the engine combustion cylinders operate at a higher temperature to ensure the fuel is burnt efficiently. It is possible that a combination of high ambient temperatures and a heavy duty work cycle can induce silicate separation.

What is silicate separation?

Coolant corrosion protection works by coating the bare components in the system with a silicate. Silicate coating is an excellent method of protection against corrosion.

However, in extreme applications it is possible for the silicate to ‘drop out’, of solution and form silica gel. A build up of gel can lead to radiator blockage and some cooling systems, which utilise aluminium radiators with internal turbulators (small fins), are more prone to clogging. The brown sludge sometimes found in the expansion bottle is evidence of silicate separation and this is why engine coolant must be changed at there commended service intervals.

This is a true multipurpose oil, which is suitable for naturally aspirated or turbocharged engines, transmissions (including wet brake systems) and hydraulics. JCB Universal Agricultural Oil can also be used in power steering and power take offs, where an engine oil is specified.

This SAE 10W30 viscosity product has good fluidity, ensuring easy starting and rapid hydraulic response, even in the most severe weather conditions.

Reduce storage and handling costs by stocking one versatile product for multiple applications.

The use of the highest quality base oils, combined with carefully selected additives, ensures that JCB engine oils meet or exceed all relevant internationally recognised standards, so you can be confident of the performance and protection they offer.

As the cost of world oil prices continue to rise there is a strong temptation to choose lower cost alternatives to JCB genuine oils. Before you consider lower cost oils there are several performance and quality criteria that are significantly effected by the quality of your oil.

  • Under low temperature conditions the viscosity level of JCB products were significantly higher than lower cost oils. This means that JCB oil will provide optimum protection during engine start-up, a key time for engine wear protection.
  • JCB oils have a specified level of anti-wear additive required to prevent premature wear/failure of camshafts, pumps, etc. Tests have shown this is up to 25% more additive than lower cost oils.

JCB offer a wide selection of high quality gear and transmission oils, which meet every aspect of a vehicle’s transmission system. The range includes oils for gearboxes, torque converters, axles and oil immersed brakes.

All the oils have been developed and tested to ensure they meet or exceed the relevant industry specifications.

All machine hydraulic systems rely on a complex system of high precision components, which must be lubricated to the highest standard.

Choosing the best hydraulic oil is vitally important to ensure continued efficiency and reliability of the system.

As pressure increases to reduce operating costs, there is a temptation to swap quality hydraulic oils for lower cost alternatives. Before this occurs it is important to consider the impact on the performance and quality of your machine.

  • JCB hydraulic oil is formulated to provide optimum anti-wear protection. Lower cost oils can provide up to 35% less which could lead to premature wear of key hydraulic components.
  • JCB specifies a minimum cleanliness level in line with ISO4406 17/15/12 Cleanliness code. This can be as much as 30 times cleaner than lower cost alternatives, preventing potential abrasive and harmful particles.