Service Exchange

JCB Service Exchange is the essence of sustainability, value and quality. The ethos is simple – we take product which has reached the end of its working life and painstakingly remanufacture to an ‘as new’ condition.

This means our customers receive ‘As-new’ components at the fraction of the cost, helping to dramatically reduce the cost of ownership.

Quality and availability of core (or simply put, the old part) is critical to the success of our programme. When purchasing any Service Exchange product, a core surcharge is included, as soon as the old part is returned and accepted by a JCB dealer, the surcharge is refunded.

This core is then remanufactured, substantially reducing the need for raw materials, waste and energy which is at the heart of our sustainable philosophy and strategy.

Every JCB Service Exchange product carries an ‘as new’ warranty for total peace of mind. If you are looking for the best quality replacement components, excellent availability and value for money, then JCB Service Exchange is the right choice.

Watch the lengths we go to, to give customers ‘as good as new’ Service Exchange components.


The market presents a number of choices when replacement components are required but it’s essential to make the right choice.

  • Used Parts

Although the least expensive to buy, used parts have lots of hidden costs.

There is no way of knowing how long a used part will last. Where has the part come from? How well maintained was the machine from which the part came from?

The possibility of spending more in the long term and increased machine downtime makes choosing used parts a very risky choice.

  • Repaired Parts

JCB Parts pricing is often compared to that of local repairers who's process involves disassembling and replacing failed components before putting them back to together again for sale. This process doesn’t help identify or resolve the root cause of failures, the unit is therefore likely to fail prematurely as a consequence.

Components within the part that didn’t fail are never tested or replaced so there is no way of knowing if they will fail in the future.

Repaired parts are not the right choice for customers focussed on maximising uptime and profitability

  • JCB Service Exchange Parts

The process includes a full disassembly into individual parts, use of a technically advanced cleaning and inspection and full restoration of eligible component, then reassembly to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards.

The process starts with the core component being fully disassembled, then using state of the art cleaning equipment and inspection techniques as full restoration and reassembly is made, bringing the part back to the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) standards,

We use only remanufactured and genuine JCB new parts. All units are fully hot tested and given a unique serial number for traceability and quality control. JCB Service Exchange parts are all sold complete with an ‘as new’ warranty for complete confidence and all round peace of mind.

JCB Service Exchange is the only choice for maximum uptime and value for money.

JCB offer a range of Perkins, Cummins, Isuzu and JCB Dieselmax engines through the Service Exchange programme.

  • “As good as new” - remanufactured to exacting OEM specifications using only genuine OEM parts
  • Superb availability - minimising downtime and loss of income
  • Excellent value for money – savings of up to 50% compared to new
  • Peace of mind - backed by ‘as new’ warranty

These tandem pumps for JS heavy excavators are remanufactured by our OEM supplier to OEM standards. All components fitted are genuine OEM parts, guaranteeing delivery and performance to ‘as new’ standards.

During remanufacture, all parts are subjected to hand washing under running clean fluid, followed by a high pressure rotating wash to ensure the complete removal of all contaminants.

The pump is then rebuilt in accordance with OEM specifications, incorporating the latest modifications.

The benefits to you, the customer

  • Excellent availability of hydraulic pumps for the JS range, resulting in reduced machine downtime.
  • Rebuilt to latest OEM specifications - means you frequently get a better product than the original one traded in.
  • Substantial savings against new, helping to reduce the cost of ownership.
  • The warranty on Service Exchange hydraulic pumps is the same as on new units.

Showing considerable savings against new, combined with excellent availability, JCB Service Exchange transmissions represent the best choice to get you back to work with minimum delay, in the unlikely event of a component failure. The range covers both JCB transmissions and ZF gearboxes.

JCB Transmissions

JCB offers a comprehensive, high quality remanufactured transmission range, offering products from 4-speed synchromesh to 6-speed powershift gearboxes, all manufactured to the latest specifications, incorporating the most up-to-date design improvements.

Strip-down, rebuild and testing is undertaken by JCB trained engineers in fully equipped workshops.

Seals, gaskets and sealing parts, lock plates, input and output bearings, oil filters and any parts not to the latest test specifications are all replaced with genuine OEM parts. Finally, the unit is calibrated and tested to JCB's latest specifications.

ZF Transmissions

All transmission remanufactures begin with a core that is completely disassembled and critically inspected by ZF qualified engineers. Replacement parts are all genuine ZF components and any performance and durability upgrades are included. The rebuilt unit, which is calibrated and tested to guarantee its performance, offers a quicker return to work for your customers and carries a full 12 months warranty if fitted by a JCB dealer.

Need a replacement DPF? We have it covered...

Following the introduction of Tier 4i /Stage 111B legislation to reduce engine emissions, certain engines fitted to JCB machines are now supplied with after treatment Technology, including Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF).

DPF’s are used to trap particulate matter (soot and ash) in the exhaust system. The soot is usually removed automatically by a process called regeneration but the ash accumulates over time and needs to be removed periodically by cleaning the DPF.

This cleaning service is now available through our JCB Service Exchange Programme.

The process
All DPF’s available from JCB’s Service Exchange programme are cleaned using next generation cleaning
technology restoring filters to a condition that is as good as new. The process is highly efficient, using
automated equipment for rapid processing and excellent first pass cleaning results.
The cleaning method used is so effective it removes 95% of the contaminants which is typically 30%
more than conventional methods.

Inspection Technology
Light transmission is used to verify the condition of the filters after cleaning. This method provides a
picture of the internal filter condition, identifying any damage or blockages. It provides evidence that the
filter has been cleaned properly and will continue to perform effectively. The system generates a record of
filter condition every time it is cleaned; allowing individual filters to be monitored throughout their life.

For more information about this service or any other product within the JCB Service Exchange range please contact your local JCB Dealer.