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Submersible pump

Submersible Pump

A small compact 580mm petrol roller that is easily transportable and ideal for small asphalt reinstatement work and groundcare duties where access will not allow larger twin drum rollers.

  • Self-cleaning strips fitted to the drum to prevent build-up of dirt.
  • Sprinkler control fitted to the top of the roller.
  • 15 litre removable water tank as standard with wide filling point, durable corrosion free plastic.
  • Bevelled drum edge to remove the risk of marking the surface.
  • Deadman controls.
  • Height adjustable handles.
  • Narrowing overhang for use against walls and kerbs.

Trash Pump

Rugged durable range of submersible trash pumps used for pumping water with mud, leaves, twigs, sand, sewage and sludge in it.

  • Available in two sizes - 20 litre or 30 litre.
  • Greater lift height than suction pumps.
  • Self priming and run dry.
  • Unique combi seal protects main pump seal.
  • Removable wear plate - protects pump housing.
  • 5,000 hours sealed bearings for a minimal maintenance required.