Stage IV/Tier 4 Final IPU

  • No DPF - Increased up time - No Excessive Heat - No Interruptions
  • No after treatment for 55kW (74Hp) Tier 4
  • Exceptional transient performance
  • Constant power curve feature
  • Reduced whole life costs


Peak Torque
55kW (74hp) - 129kW (173hp)

108kW (145hp)

129kW (173hp)

55kW (74hp)

68kW (91hp) to 93kW (125hp)


The JCB 55kW (74hp) EcoMAX engine meets current emissions legislation without the need for aftertreatment.  Adhering to the current EU Stage IIIB and US Tier 4 emissions legislation for engines between 37 and 56kW, these set emissions differ slightly to higher power ratings.

Our One-can solution

JCB engines over 56kW (74hp) meet stringent Tier 4 emissions legislation by using a compact, highly efficient SCR system for NOx reduction, while JCB engines less than 56kW (74hp)  require no after-treatment.
With the JCB compact 'One-Can' solution, the Tier 4 engine delivers an engine package that, unlike many competitors, can be installed in existing machinery without bulky alterations to body work.