JCB’s extended warranty package JCB PowertrainCover protects the heart of your machine up to a maximum of 5 years or 10,000 hours (model dependent).

  • Protect against Unwanted Bills

  • Everybody wants to reduce risk, no one likes those unexpected bills, so it pays to protect yourself against possible failures to the key components of your machine.

  • Working with your Machine Servicing

  • JCB PowertrainCover is valid whilst your machine is serviced from new by an authorised JCB Dealer, keeping your equipment in excellent working condition.

    What's Covered?

    Wheeled Machines:

    • Engine and Ancillaries
    • Axle Assemblies
    • Transmission Assembly
    • Hydraulic Pump (where applicable)
    • and all associated internals.

    Tracked Machines:

    • Engine and Ancillaries
    • Swing Motor
    • Swing Gear
    • Track Motors
    • Hydraulic Pump
    • and all associated internals.

    *Terms and conditions apply please contact your local dealer for full details.