JCB has a tyre range of over 180 tyres covering the entire JCB product range. This range consists of premium branded tyres as well as JCB branded Sitemaster Tyres in specific ranges.

The Sitemaster range is evolving, the line up now includes a 17.5LR24 Radial. As you'd expect from the Sitemaster brand, the latest addition offers excellent value for money against Premium brands and is designed and approved to perform in harmony with your JCB machine making JCB Sitemaster tyres, your no1 choice. 

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Find out below what our customers think of the new tyre:

Designed and developed in conjunction with the JCB Earthmover division these are an Original Equipment option on our wheeled loading shovel range.

Features and Benefits

  • Extra heavy build compared to most radial tyres
  • Smooth stable ride with long tyre life on hard terrain
  • Ensures operator comfort, with reduced running costs
  • Excellent grip and minimal slip levels while working on soft terrain
  • Provide the operator with efficient safe work from their wheeled loader
  • All steel carcass combined with durable tread rubber compound
  • Guarantees a long and dependable performance
SG revolution are a complete wheel and tyre solution specially designed for working in waste, demolition and recycling applications in addition to quarries and construction sites on a specific range of JCB machines.

JCB is proud to display a vast array of premium branded tyre manufactures alongside its Sitemaster tyre range offering. contact your local JCB Dealer for more information.

In response to customer demand, JCB Service is able to supply complete wheel and tyre assemblies for all JCB Sitemaster tyres. These assemblies are often held by machine operators as 'spare wheels' to minimise downtime in the event that they suffer a puncture.
With as important a part to play in vehicle handling and ride as the tyres it is important that wheel rim and tyre work together in harmony. That’s why you’ll find that JCB can supply the original wheel rims either as individual units or as complete assemblies, helping your machine to deliver the potential it was designed to.

The condition of the following products should be considered when changing the tyre(s)

  • Tubes (where fitted) – it is good practice to change the tube with the tyre
  • Valves – renewing the valve when the tyre is dismounted is a very simple job
  • Wheel nuts – wheel nuts should always be replaced if missing
  • Puncture Sealant – reduces down time by sealing any punctures on the move

The JCB Sitemaster tyre range has been specifically designed to match the JCB machine range specifications to work together in perfect harmony for the best grip, traction, durability and wear rates for the correct application. The range has been further improved, to give more choice, more performance, more value, be more durable, with more tread types to suit more applications. JCB, the Best Brand to support your JCB Machine.

Features and Benefits

  • When you purchase a JCB Sitemaster tyre gain a fully supported warranty.
  • Cross ply and Radial construction specifically designed for JCB machines working in agricultural and construction applications.
  • All Sitemaster tyres have been tested and approved by the relevant manufacturing divisions and are available to be specified both in the Aftermarket and at OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
  • Available for Backhoe Loaders and Telescopic Handlers in various sizes with tread patterns to suit most applications from R1 soft soil tyres, R4 industrial tyres and a Multi-purpose tyre.
  • Sitemaster tyres are designed to deliver unrivalled performance, traction and stability.

Application Guide

Understanding your machines tyre application is integral to the longevity and wear of the overall tyre life, so be aware of the application guide when fitting new tyres to your machine.

Download the application guide here

Download the brochure here


Tyre Sealant

Sitemaster Wheel Rims

JCB Brake Pads


  • Full JCB warranty
  • Popular sizes always available
  • Wide selection to match your budget
  • Premium and market-leading brands

Premium brand tyres

A wide range of premium brands have been tested and approved by JCB to be fitted to your machine and perform to the high standard required. 

Your JCB Dealer offers alternative brands providing a wide range of tyres that are suitable for many JCB machines, working in many different types of application.  Your JCB Dealer can also supply and fit SG Revolution tyres suitable for arduous conditions found in waste & recycling, demolition and quarrying.

This wider choice gives you the opportunity to select the most suitable tyre to match your budget. Fully supported manufacturer's warranty gives you peace of mind that your purchase is fully supported.  

Michelin Tyre 1050X700


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SG Revolution Tyres

SG Revolution Tyres use innovative technology to reduce running costs, ultimately increasing productivity without compromising on machine longevity. All the tyres are OEM tested and approved by the relevant manufacturing divisions ensuring that they are designed to meet the specific machine requirements. Achieve up to 50% greater life over premium pneumatic tyres when you specify SG Revolution. Every bit of tread rubber can be used thanks to a unique design, whilst the absence of an air cavity ensures no premature tyre replacement. A reduction in punctures also help to increase machine up-time and customer profitability.

Sg revolution tyres


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Earthmover tyres

JCB Earthmover tyres are specifically designed to meet the demands of the Earthmover industry. Heavy-duty tread minimises punctures and increases machine up-time. The earthmover tread also allows for exceptional traction in soft ground. The JCB Earthmover tyre tread is durable and long-lasting ensuring optimal tyre life and reducing customer replacement costs.

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JCB Sitemaster Tyres

Specifically designed to match the JCB machine range with great traction, stability and wear rates. JCB Sitemaster tyres come in a range of popular sizes with fantastic off-the-shelf availability.

JCB Sitemaster tyres are complemented with a fully supported warranty of up to 60 months giving you peace of mind that you will always be supported.

Your JCB Dealer can now supply and fit tyres to get you back up and running as quickly as possible.  Contact yours today to find out more.

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