Stage V

Why choose JCB?

  • No compromise installation solutions
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Efficient operation
  • Serviceability
  • Durability
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3LStage V with After treatment CGI

No compromise installation solutions

Efficient combustion = Compact exhaust aftertreatment

Identical engine footprint across emissions ranges

Engine mounted and bespoke aftertreatment configurations

Industrial Power Unit packages for static equipment

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Reducued operating costs

Fuel consumption reduced by up to 15% from EU Stage IIIA

Service intervals extended to 1000 hours in the 3L engine family

"Fit for Life" exhaust treatment systems

Optimised fuel economy for real world duty cycles

Stage V CGI for Stage V Campaign

Efficient operation

High torque at low engine speed – efficient equipment design and increased output

No forced high temperature regeneration – Operators not required to deviate from normal task

Engine auto stop compatible in the 3.0L engine family

Reduced frictional losses by 30% in the 3.0L engine family

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Automatic valve clearance adjustment*

Zero maintenance crankcase ventilation systems*

Single side servicing*

Automatic auxiliary drive belt tensioning*

 *3.0L engine family

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Technology specifically developed in and for heavy-duty off-highway applications

Robust cylinder block and bedplate engine design

Gasket free component sealing arrangements

Simplified turbocharging and EGR systems

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No compromise installation solutions

Efficient Operation

Reduced operating costs