Mini Excavators

JCB has designed its mini digger range to incorporate five key characteristics: comfort, controllability, reliability, serviceability and performance. JCB mini diggers excel in all these areas. Our 8016 mini excavator models provide precision control, unrivalled service access and an exceptional operator environment. All in a compact package that's easy to transport and ideal for restricted sites.

Meanwhile 8035 and 8050 zero tailswing mini diggers address the need for compact machines that are nevertheless quick, powerful and productive. Easy to operate and control, a ZTS mini digger bears serious consideration, particularly when it comes to stability and power. 

The JCB mini excavator range: ten machines that are indispensable across a whole host of applications and sites.


The 5-tonne JCB 51R-1 mini digger is a reduced tailswing configuration machine, offering a winning combination of manoeuvrability, agility and lift performance.

Maximum Dump Height
4.088 m
Maximum Dig Depth
5.473 m
Maximum Operating Weight
5112 kg

8035 ZTS

The 8035 ZTS mini excavator is a true zero tailswing machine with a large undercarriage for stability. Power is provided by a 23.6 kW 1.7 litre Perkins engine.

Operating Weight
Max. Dump Height
Max. Dig Depth

19C 1E

JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions. That’s why we are introducing JCB E-TECH, a new generation of electric products with.

Maximum Dump Height
2.818 m
Maximum Dig Depth
2.819 m
Maximum Operating Weight
1862 kg