Le JCB Hydradig 110 W Wastemaster est la pelle sur pneumatiques par excellence, avec une conception spécifique de A à Z. Le résultat est un chef-d'œuvre d’ingénierie. Grâce à cette conception sans compromis, nous sommes les premiers à déplacer le moteur, les réservoirs et les auxiliaires sur le châssis, ce qui fait du JCB Hydradig 110 W Wastemaster un leader en matière de visibilité, de stabilité, de maniabilité, de mobilité et de facilité d'entretien. 

Le JCB Hydradig 110 W Wastemaster est un pur produit d'innovation. Découvrez comment ces fonctions et leurs avantages vont révolutionner vos méthodes de travail et celles du secteur de traitement des déchets.

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Poids opérationnel maxi
11 457 kg
Capacité de levage à portée maxi
1 000 kg
Puissance maximale
81 kW


In even the most confined waste and recycling sites, 4-wheel steer, 2-wheel steer and crab steer as standard make operating easy, allowing you to work in tighter confines safer than ever before. An under 4m turning radius gives you go anywhere performance.



In a world where time is money, a top speed of 40kph and stepless transmission from a 81kW Tier 4 Final EcoMAX engine lets you travel to and between sites quicker and in comfort.


In a more demanding world where productivity is king, and quick daily checks are a must. With all service points easily accessible from ground level; 500 hour greasing on all dig end, dozer and stabiliser pivot points, and a best-in-class SAE service index rating, we’ve designed the JCB Hydradig 110W to be first for easy maintenance.


The JCB Hydradig 110W Wastemaster benefits from 50/50 weight distribution providing improved stability over conventional tailswing machines, even when working off tyres. This makes it first for stable working.


The JCB Hydradig 110W Wastemaster lets you enjoy total all-round visibility with the ability to see all four wheels plus a 1m perimeter around the machine at ground level. This makes it first for easier and safer operating in confined areas. Reverse camera, white noise and red & white chevrons ensure visibility is maintained throughout the working day. The machine can also be fitted with an optional LED light package for even greater visibility.

The JCB HYDRADIG 110W Wastemaster provides exceptional levels of operator comfort and safety offering 360 degree visibility from the cab.