Designed to perform. Built to last.

With build quality, power, efficiency, comfort, safety and serviceability in abundance, the new generation JCB 86C-2 midi diggers are ready to provide ultimate productivity on any job.

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A_MINI_86C-1_1 [3:2] Excavating/Grading


JCB's 86C-2 boasts a Stage 3A engine and is a highly productive midi digger. Peak power and torque at low engine speeds makes for efficient cycles, while a range of brand new innovative features help to get the most from every drop of fuel.

  • Stage 3A engine for great performance
  • Class-leading tractive effort and tracking speeds
  • Auto kick down motors automatically improve productivity
  • Optional TAB boom for greater lift capacity and stability


Customers quite rightly demand good quality, reliable and durable machines that stand the test of time. Our latest 86C-2 midi excavator is designed to be robust, strong and durable without compromising performance.

  • 100% steel bodywork and bushed dig end and make it strong and easy to repair
  • Heavy-duty kingposts with durable re-bushable pivots
  • Heavy-duty boom cylinder guards help protect against damage
  • Durable heavy duty H-frame undercarriage


Our tracked diggers are designed to give you more than just great performance and long service life. Machines like the 86C-2 midi digger will also provide ultimate value for money, both on and off your working sites.

  • One touch idle helps preserve fuel
  • Four different power bands for controllable engine speed
  • Auto idle feature increases fuel efficiency
  • Flat glass throughout minimises replacement costs


A safe site is of paramount importance to both owners and operators; that's why the 86C-2 machine goes above and beyond basic requirements to help keep sites safe. The 86C-2 safety and serviceability features provide an array of benefits to operators and bystanders alike.

  • A wide track frame and low centre of gravity provide best-in-class stability
  • Unique JCB 2GO safety system
  • New safety diagnostics include machine health checks and an advanced lift over system
  • Long 500 hour greasing intervals

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