116D Single Drum Compactor

The JCB 116D has been designed to make things easier in your world.

It's easy to use, easy to service and with a high centrifugal force combined with a thick drum to give outstanding density in fewer passes, it's also easy to be more productive.


  • Centrifugal Force 256 / 147kN
  • Engine Power 85kW
  • Operating Weight 11560 - 13420kg
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It's easy to achieve maximum productivity and performance with a combination of high front weight ratio and heavy duty dynamic vibration system.

  • JCB's 444 engine produces peak torque at just 2000rpm for greater efficiency.
  • Very low noise level of104 dB allows improved on-site communication.
  • Increased vibrating mass from 28mm thick drum shell and 10mm stiffener rings .


The JCB 116D is ready to perform any task from day one. A rigourous 2 hour hot test pre-delivery, ensures a highly durable and reliable machine will arrive.

  • Heavy-duty frame and beams are designed to deliver long life structural durability.
  • Maintenance-free centre joint.
  • The engine features mechanical fuel injection for simplicity and robustness.


The 116D soil compactor features easy to use controls and has reduced platform vibrations to provide maximum operator comfort.

  • Heavy-duty rubber mounts reduce vibration on the operator platform to improve comfort.
  • Intuitive controls allow operators to get to work immediately.
  • Best-in-class visibility from the front and rear for peace of mind working.


The JCB 116D is designed for easy servicing and maintenance. Daily checks can be done from ground level and from one side of the machine.

  • Monitor your machines maintenance needs with JCB Livelink fitted as standard.
  • Easy-to-access service bays allow quick and simple maintenance.
  • A centralised service station makes checking the hydraulic system easy.

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