4CX ECO Backhoe Loader

The 4-wheel steer JCB 4CX is the largest line of backhoes JCB produce.

The 4CX is a product of JCB’s Efficient Design philosophy, responding to rising fuel prices and environmental concerns with class-leading efficiency and low running costs.

4cx eco Product


Getting into a JCB 4CX Eco is easy and safe – there are large grab handles, a wide door opening, and open grid design steps that prevent dirt build-up.

  • Our new unique integral shovel street pads option prevents ground damage from your 4CX and, therefore, costly repairs.
  • Power brakes allow efficient, safe stopping power with low pedal effort.
  • You can keep a close eye on your 4CX Eco with JCB’s LiveLink telematics system; this protects your business from unauthorised usage and vehicle thefts.


The Hydraulic Speed Control (HSC)—which combine with high torque at low engine speed—gives more tractive effort, faster cycle times, excellent pushing power and hill climbing performance.

  • In challenging conditions, the Limiting Slip Differential (LSD) axles automatically kick in to provide additional traction.
  • Power brakes system provides proportional braking throughout the pedal travel for improved braking effort and control.


Heavy duty reinforced excavator end with replaceable wear plates on the bucket and dipper to provide protection from abrasive material such as rock.

  • Steel fenders, bonnets and nose are fitted to enhance protection on the loader end against damage.
  • Purpose designed JCB drivetrain with JCB Dieselmax engine, JCB transmission, and JCB axles for optimum productivity and excellent efficiency.
  • Simple gear-pump hydraulic system for reliability and long-term durability.


Modelled on car brakes, the JCB 4CX power brakes provide proportional braking throughout the pedal travel for superb control.

  • The power brakes utilise the existing hydraulic supply, reducing operator costs and daily service checks.
  • Other braking improvements to the JCB 4CX include a redesigned and lowered ergonomic pedal position, and full floating discs – this reduces drag, improves fuel economy and increases road speed.