Easy in a hard world

Experience excellence with the JCB 3CX backhoe loader, designed to tackle the challenges of any site head-on. As the world’s best-selling excavator loaders, these machines are the partner you need on-site to achieve optimum performance with effortless operation. 

With three distinct models, you can choose the JCB backhoe loader that best suits the demands of your project. JCB’s 3CX is a versatile choice, with a 55kW engine and manual controls. But if you need more, the JCB 3CX PLUS features a powerful 68kW engine and additional cab features such as the new HVAC system.

And for unparalleled performance, the JCB 3CX PRO offers the ultimate spec, with seat mounted servo controls as standard for optimum machine controllability and ease of use.  

BHL 3CX P992 Shoot - Dubai


The JCB 3CX’s newly designed cab is built with customer feedback in mind to provide an ergonomic workstation and ultimate operator comfort.

  • Spacious, premium-feel operating cab with tilting steering column for easy seat rotations. 
  • Redesigned cab sealing keeps out dust and water for a clean and comfortable working environment.
  • New HVAC system with adjustable vents and screen demisting feature for comfort and visibility (PLUS and PRO only). 
  • Seat-mounted joystick controls and ergonomic switches in easy reach of the operator (PRO only).


Built to optimise productivity, this construction backhoe loader engages a variety of features to ensure absolute efficiency on-site.

  • Variable displacement pump as standard, with increased flow rate of 150 litres per minute.
  • Maximised fuel efficiency with ECO work modes to reduce fuel consumption when excavating, loading, and roading.
  • Eliminate unnecessary fuel-burning with auto-idle and auto-stop features.


Adaptable, powerful, and compatible with a variety of attachments, the 3CX brings versatility to any site.

  • Bi-directional and hammer auxiliary lines are available for a wider range of attachment options. 
  • Extending dipper provides extra 1m of reach and dig depth. 
  • Now compatible with auger and planer attachments to further enhance machine capability.
  • 6-in-1 shovel with flip over forks for effortless dozing, loading, digging, grading and object handling.  


Simple operation means better performance. That’s why JCB’s 3CX integrates dedicated ease-of-use features to enhance productivity.

  • Single loader lever for simplified operation. 
  • No need to move hands away from controls thanks to the new FNR directional switch.
  • Experience smoother gear changes with an EasyShift transmission with incorporated kick-down switch when extra pushing power is needed. 
  • New twin LCD displays show all key machine information during operation.


Safety is built into JCB’s backhoe loaders with lights, locks, and structures designed to protect everyone on-site.

  • Certified to meet ROPS and FOPS compliance.
  • Brand new LED lights as standard to provide optimum visibility at night. 
  • Operator can safely lock the boom from inside the cab using new boom lock cable.
  • New battery isolator key.
  • Guide Me Home lights increase visibility when operators exit the cab. 


When you choose JCB, you're choosing a legacy of quality, innovation, and unmatched support.

Our 3CX JCB backhoe loader shares parts and components with other proven JCB products so you can count on them for excellence - the 3CX is simply a continuation of our high-quality, high-performing fleet of machines. We’re committed to manufacturing the best, and as the number one backhoe brand, that commitment shows.

As well as outstanding machinery, JCB offers LiveLink as standard. LiveLink telematics provides you with real-time insights into machine health and performance so that you can optimise efficiency and minimise downtime on site.