The 600kg loader capacity JCB 1CX is the smallest model in our backhoe loader range, bringing backhoe performance and capability to previously inaccessible areas.

It can turn on its own axis in order to work in cramped environments and it’s fitted with a universal skid steer quickhitch allowing for a full range of skid steer attachments to be fitted easily.

1CX Wheeled BHL


The JCB 1CX backhoe loader is extremely nimble, not only because of its compact size; it’s also blessed with cutting edge controls to make manoeuvering easy.

  • Full servo-controlled hydrostatic transmission gives zero to maximum speed, both in forward and reverse, at full power.
  • There’s an auxiliary hand tools circuit, while joystick-mounted auxiliary control push buttons make attachment operation easy.


The JCB 1CX is a compact and clever machine from the world's number one Backhoe Loader manufacturer.

  • With the front end of a skid steer loader and the excavator arm of a mini at your disposal, you can now do two jobs without changing attachments.
  • The unique JCB Power Management System (PMS) provides control of the transmission setup, allowing you to increase machine pushing power whilst simultaneously reducing fuel consumption.
  • If you want to operate high-flow attachments, choose the 100 l/min high-flow auxiliary circuit.
  • The universal quickhitch will allow you to reuse existing attachments.


Fundamental to the JCB 1CX's productivity is its build quality and reliability.

  • The heavy-duty single-piece chassis provides further boost to rigidity and service life.
  • All materials are tested to extreme temperatures and exposed to chemical, salt, oil and light to ensure maximum protection in even the most hostile conditions.
  • The 1CX excels in both uneven terrain and confined spaces thanks to a winning combination of high ground clearance and an excellent turning circle.


Whatever the job, you can be safe in the knowledge that a JCB 1CX offers superior productivity.

  • The front loader carries a standard skid steer hitch for similar lift capacity to any 600kg skid steer. However, the unique design of the 1CX - tracked or wheeled - means you can expect a 25% greater dump angle and 15% more breakout.
  • Power is provided by a 37.3kW (49hp) engine with 2800rpm.
  • Fully integrated sideshift backhoe means the 1CX can dig close to walls, making it ideal for street working.

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