TLT 35D Agri

The TLT35D forklift is a strong and exceptionally versatile performer. Weighing between 11,243lbs (5,100kg) and 12,125lb (5500 kg) (depending on spec), these industrial forklifts have a choice of standard 2WD or optional 4WD.

A 62hp (46kW) engine is fit to this forklift. Lift capacity is  7,716lbs (3,500kg) and lift height is 14ft. 4inches (4.4 m) (14ft 2inches (4.35m) for the 4WD option).

Our telescopic forklift design has a wealth of benefits. Its long reach allows for single side truck loading, saving you up to 50% loading space in congested yards. That space can, of course, be used to create pedestrian zones during loading. What’s more, this small forklift’s long reach also keeps operators clear of hazardous environments like furnaces or chemicals.

In short, the TLT35D telescopic forklift raises more than just loads; it raises the standard for all forklift trucks.


Maximum Lift Capacity
7,000lbs 3,175kg
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Lift Height


The JCB TLT35D telescopic forklift provides yet more productivity improvements by virtue of its operating environment. The excellent visibility made possible by the telescopic boom means that cycle times are faster and safety levels are high. When the boom is retracted, visibility to the fork tips during loading is superb.

The cab structure of this telescopic forklift is both ROPS and FOPS compliant. One rear and two front work lights are fit as standard equipment, and daily check points are grouped behind the side access door to the engine bay.


The JCB TLT35D telescopic forklift has productivity built in. A fully enclosed hydrostatic drive system eliminates exposed drive shaft and external brake problems, while the 4WD option is unique to JCB and is perfect for worksites where traction is limited.

Because this forklift doesn’t have a conventional mast, fork tilt is increased to 111° for exceptional loading and unloading performance.

The TLT35 telescopic forklift also benefits from a fast, easy attachment changing system; switching between attachments can be done in under 30 seconds, saving both time and fleet operation costs.