The JCB 510-44TC is a full-sized, four-stage telescopic handler, designed and developed using JCB's Efficient Design philosophy for maximum load-bearing and stability.

The 510-44TC’s EcoMAX engine meets Tier 4 Final standards without a bulky DPF. In addition to reducing operating costs and optimizing uptime, this space-efficient engine solution allows enhanced operator visibility.


  • Four-speed Powershift transmission
  • Strong front coupler designed for bucket work
  • JCB-designed and manufactured core components
  • Low boom for all around visibility
  • Nine degrees of frame sway
  • Dry lubricant system for three-section boom


Maximum Engine Power
109 hp

81 kW

Maximum Lift Capacity
10,000 lbs

4,535 kg

Maximum Lift Height
44 ft

13.5 m


The JCB 74 hp JCB EcoMAX engine requires no DEF or DPF and delivers high power and torque as low as 1,300–1,400 RPM for fuel efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics. A JCB-built drivetrain ensures that all components are configured for optimal performance.

Industry-leading 500-hour service intervals and simple, ground-level daily checks for maximum uptime. 


All daily checks and greasing on a 510-44TC Loadall are performed at ground level; engine oil, hydraulic and fuel filters are centrally located for convenience. The air filter is easily accessible and easy to clean.

This telescopic handler has a large, wide service bay and a gas-assisted hood to allow easy inspection of three sides of the engine.

The 510-44TC's battery is easily accessible, without specialist tools, via a lockable cover that is opened with the ignition key.

The diesel tank can be filled from ground level; a pre-filter in the filler neck protects from dirty fuel.

A dry lubricant system means the 510-44TC’s wear pads are extremely durable. Compare its 500-hour service intervals to the 250-hour service intervals of its competitors.


Low boom profile and pivot create industry-leading visibility all around the machine from the operator's position.

A standard reverse alarm, and optional camera and pulse radar systems, ensure a safer work site for everyone.

Factory-fit immobilizers are activated by a unique key or optional push-button PIN system, to automatically arm the system after a certain period following engine shutdown.