Are You Ready?

We are.

The coming winter is set to be harsh, so you should be ready for whatever it throws at you. A good place to start is by looking at our latest JCB wheel loader range.

These innovative, hardy machines are ready to take on any weather system in the world, including the very harshest winters imaginable. Features like high-flow hydraulics, high power-to-weight ratios, optional snow tyres and superior cold starting performance make JCB wheel loaders the perfect machines for working with snow. The CommandPlus cab on our larger models offers ultimate operator comfort with features such as heated mirrors and seats. An all-new air venting system boasts nine demisting vents and six operator vents to maintain excellent visibility at all times.

For these reasons, they make very comfortable, easy-to-operate snow clearing machines. And, with a huge range of machine sizes for you to choose from, you can find the perfect model for whatever you're clearing, whether it's a car park, main road or airport runways.


JCB Wheel Loaders in action

Our Wheel Loader range has been designed to provide you with the ultimate machine for tackling the harshest of weather conditions. Ranging from a small, compact 403, all the way to our largest machine, the 457. These machines can work with a range of different attachments to provide you with the ultimate multi-purpose snow clearing machine, for whatever your task at hand is.


All of our wheel loaders are built using only premium componentry for superior structural strength. Our 457 is powered by a 7.7 litre MTU engine, producing 193 kW (258hp) of power on demand – perfect for operating heavy-duty attachments such as a snow blower or plough.


Time is of the essence with any job, and our wheel loaders are designed to provide the fast cycle times in the business. The 457 features powerful twin hydraulic pumps, a load sensing valve block and optional 5-speed transmission with torque lock-up – providing you with the speed, accuracy and productivity you require.


For clearing snow on smaller car parks and roads, our compact wheel loader range ensure you get the same performance and productivity you expect, but in a smaller package. These machines are designed with compact dimensions in mind, meaning you benefit from the best possible turning circle – resulting in increased productivity in smaller areas where manoeuvrability and size are problematic.
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