Mobile Lighting Tower

The LTM9 is a manually deployed mobile lighting tower that excels everywhere from construction sites to events. Expect Bright performance, durability, flexibility and reliability as standard. 
  • Tailor the height and focus of your lights with a winch-deployed 9m manual mast
  • Two large panel doors enable quick, easy to access and safe servicing
  • The mast folds flat on top of the unit to keep the unit compact for easy manoeuvrability
  • There’s a tow bar, fork pockets and single lift point for easy loading
  • Four easy to deploy stabilisers, with two additional extending outriggers, make this unit stable anywhere
  • There’s a large fuel tank which delivers 66 hours of run time at 75% load.

Easy to use

So that you can tailor the height and focus of your portable lighting, the JCB LTM9 has a winch-deployed 9m manual mast. The mast will also rotate through a full 360˚ even when it’s fully deployed for quick, easy refocusing of light.

The four stabilisers are easy to deploy and adjust and there’s also a spirit level indicator for deploying your lighting tower on rough terrain.

We’ve equipped the LTM9 with a simple, intuitive control panel. Because site security is paramount, this can be locked, meaning you can leave your light tower in situ for long periods. 

Flexible Performance

Noise levels are low (just 71dBA at 7m), partly due to the soundproof canopy that’s insulated with heavy-duty rock wool. The LTM9 is therefore an ideal lighting tower for events.

The four robust 100W metal halide bulbs will last the distance even in extreme conditions. Each bulb provides 90,000 lumens, for a maximum brightness of 360,000 lumens.
We know that time is money, so there’s up to 66 hours of run time at 75% load, courtesy of a large fuel tank.

With two auxiliary power sockets to supply onsite power tools, the LTM9 light tower is an asset on site, 24 hours a day.


Because the LTM9 is lightweight and reduces down to a very compact unit, it’s an easy lighting tower to manoeuvre and transport. The LTM9 is mounted on an EU-compliant trailer with a high ground clearance for access to rough terrain. When the mast is retracted, the light tower sits flat across the top of the unit, retaining a compact footprint for easy portability. It can also be securely locked for safety. There’s also a tow bar for shifting your light tower around site, as well as forklift pockets and a single-point lift for easy loading onto other larger trailers.

Safe and secure

To secure the LTM9 lighting tower’s mechanicals, there are lockable doors to the engine, fuel tank and controls and the mast locks down so it can’t move around in transit.
Four robust stabilisers with two extending outriggers make this a stable lighting tower even on uneven terrain. Positive stop winches make it safe to lower or raise the mast to the ideal portable lighting position for any application.
You can cut the engine quickly in an emergency with the external stop button and the whole unit has been tested to withstand 80 km/h winds.


Metal Halide
Fuel Tank capacity
114 Litres