Here at JCB, we approached the compact track loader design with a unique perspective. Using inspiration from our class-leading LOADALL telescopic handler range we designed our skid steer loader with a completely fresh layout: a single boom and side entry.

This innovatively engineered machine ensures that our compact track loader:
Is the World's safest.
Visibility is 60% better than the competition.
Has a cab size 46% larger than the average competition on a small platform.
Based off of the SAE Service Audit scores, has 24% better serviceability on large platforms, 21% on small platforms.
Is the most efficient skid steer on the market, with up to 16% better fuel consumption.
Choose your machine below for more information on the World's safest compact track loader. 
  • Unique Powerboom loader arm and side-entry design
  • Efficient JCB Kohler KDI T4F engine
  • 60% better visibility, up to 46% larger cab than rivals
  • Choice of radial lift, vertical lift or parallel lift configurations
  • Clear and intuitive loader controls and cab layout
  • Reduced downtime with easy servicing and tilting cab


Operating Capacity
Operating Weight
3790 kg
Net Engine Power
46 kW


  • JCB’s Tier 4i EcoMAX engine uses up to 9% less fuel than outgoing Tier 3 units, saving you money. It also produces its peak torque at low revs for fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics.
  • Because EcoMAX doesn’t require costly exhaust after-treatment or heat-resistant lube oils, it saves money on servicing. What’s more, this engine can be remapped to operate on low quality fuels, meaning your loader can be resold across different territories, improving residuals.
  • An optional 2-speed transmission helps your skid steer or compact track loader to achieve quicker travel and cycle times.
  • Cooling is extremely efficient, with lower-temperature air pulled from the top of the cooling pack and expelled through the sides and rear; this improves overall performance.
  • Choose one of our smaller skid steer or compact track loaders and you’ll benefit from a Kohler KDI T4F engine: it features a maintenance-free diesel-oxidation catalyst (DOC) and offers improved torque and fuel efficiency.
  • The KDI engines feature an advanced combustion system that significantly reduces emissions and fuel consumption; like the JCB EcoMAX engines, there’s also no exhaust after-treatment like DPF to worry about. Operating costs and maintenance are therefore minimised.


ECOMAX ENGINE: Wheeled 225, 260, 280, 300, 330 Tracked 225T, 260T, 300T, 320T

KOHLER ENGINE: Wheeled 135, 155, 175, 190, 205 Tracked 150T, 190T, 205T


  • Access to a JCB 190T compact track loader is provided via a door that’s more than double the size of rival offerings.
  • Our cab is quite simply in a class of its own; we offer a 33% larger operator environment in our large platform machines. On small platform models, meanwhile, the cab is as much as 46% bigger.
  • There’s a fully adjustable mechanical suspension seat (or an optional heated air suspension variant) for optimum comfort. Ventilation, meanwhile, is excellent on all models fitted with a cab, thanks to a sliding window on the left side.
  • Low effort servo-assisted controls make it easier to operate your skid steer or compact track loader. The right control panel features machine diagnostics, an electronic throttle and the skid steer’s ignition switch.
  • Three settings allow operators to choose the sensitivity of joystick movement; this makes it quick and straightforward to tailor controls to specific tasks or conditions.
  • Controls to various machine options are ergonomically placed at roof level in the operator’s line of sight.
  • For increased ergonomics, we offer optional switchable ISO/H-pattern controls.
  • An optional multi-function joystick enables operators to use a wide array of hydraulic attachments.
  • To make the cab an even better working environment, there’s handy storage in the left arm rest as well as a 12V socket.


  • JCB’s Smoothride System (SRS) allows the boom and load to move independently of the chassis, ensuring improved load retention and operator comfort. In turn, this means faster loading cycles and journey times.
  • Optional parallel lift helps to keep loads level throughout the lift cycle, which is ideal for carrying palletised loads.
  • Standard mechanical or optional hydraulic quickhitches are designed to meet stringent JCB standards; they make for quick and efficient attachment changes.
  • For the ultimate in versatile performance, our high flow hydraulics mean you can choose from a huge range of 31 different attachment types. Operators can use an even wider variety of hydraulic attachments with our optional 7-way multi-function joystick.
  • Radial lift provides improved digging geometry with more reach at the midpoint of the lift cycle (perfect for excavating), while vertical lift offers you maximum lift capacity at maximum height and reach, making it ideal for loading and carrying.


The JCB 190T compact track loader is designed with safety in mind. Our unique PowerBoom single loader arm design means operators can enter the machine from the left side, avoiding slip and crush hazards and contact with the loader arm and its attachments.

It’s also got 60% better visibility than the average tracked skid steer, partly due to a low profile single rear loader tower and the absence of a conventional large rear torque tube.

There’s a front windscreen that doubles as an emergency exit and a standard rear view mirror. Then there’s the fuel tank, integrated into the chassis for added protection; and the hoses, safely run through the PowerBoom to reduce the possibility of damage.


  • The JCB EcoMAX engine doesn’t require a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which simplifies servicing and reduces operating costs.
  • Small platform skid steer or compact track loaders are fitted with a Kohler KDI T4i motor featuring a maintenance-free diesel-oxidation catalyst (DOC).
  • All of your loader’s daily maintenance points are easily accessed via a large rear service door. Hydraulics use O-ring face seals and incorporate 38 percent fewer parts than outgoing designs. The end result is reduced downtime.
  • When it comes to more complex maintenance, our tilting cab design ensures easy access to key components. It only takes one person to tilt the cab for excellent access to your skid steer/compact track loader’s internals.
  • To keep vital elements like the cooling pack free of debris, you can opt for a reversing fan that automatically reverses airflow every 30 minutes. This feature can also be operated with a button on the left-hand control panel.
  • On larger skid steer or compact track loaders, there’s a standard-fit air intake scavenge system, which keeps debris build-up in the air filter to a minimum. In turn, this extends service intervals.
  • Track retention is excellent on our compact track loaders, courtesy of a solid undercarriage with cast steel triple-flanged rollers.