Investment in plant or machinery is key to maintaining and developing a successful business. But what is the best way to fund such an investment? We are here to help you to find the right solution for your business.

JCB Finance incorporates a number of collaborative partnerships trading across multiple global jurisdictions providing flexible, cost–effective, tailor made solutions to meet your unique financial requirements.   

We have a complete understanding of customer’s unique and sensitive financial requirements, offering a diverse range of options including a Shariah compliant arrangement that help preserve your working capital whilst spreading the cost in a cost effective manner.

The benefits for your business asset finance enables you to secure the resources you need while protecting working capital.

It’s advisable for any business to hold cash reserves against potential dips in activity or income but this doesn’t have to delay or prevent investment in vital assets.


Asset finance enables you to secure the resources you need while protecting working capital, spreading the cost of investment over the tenor you choose.


Asset finance also opens up additional credit lines that are independent from your bank so that you conserve your working capital and credit lines for where you need it the most to grow your business.



The advantages for your business


- Fixed repayments to allow for accurate budgeting
- Competitive rate
- Flexible Down payment & tenure
- Service, repair and maintenance contracts can be combined in one fixed instalment