JCB Telehandler, a trusted partner for ready mix concrete industry

Ready-Mix Concrete is a demanding industry which presents many material handling challenges. From moving the material to prepare the product, to feeding it in bins, stock management and more, there are many different tasks to complete.

The JCB Telehandler is the perfect versatile machine for the Ready-Mix Concrete industry. With its big bucket for loading, extendable arm and a host of attachments for various uses such as stock management, plant maintenance and much more, the JCB Telehandler provides great value for Ready-Mix Concrete industry.

One of the main features of the JCB Telehandler is the extendable arm which proves to be advantageous in a ready-mix concrete plant. Whether it is stockpiling or feeding hopper bins or managing the stock with a forklift, the arm provides extended reach to enhance your operations.

With its advanced features such as Advanced Telematics Technology for remote management of the machine through LiveLink mobile application, JCB Telehandler adds productivity to your RMC plant. Always look for a better way to enhance efficiency with JCB Telehandlers.

Models: 530-70, 530-110, 535-95, 535-125 HI-VIZ, 540-140 HI-VIZ, 540-170