Quick Specs

Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.8 – 1.2 cum
Maximum Engine Power
170 hp
Maximum Operating Weight
21750 Kg

JCB 220LC Xtra Tracked Excavator

Go the Xtra mile with the JCB 220 Xtra. Take on every challenge with the new JCB 220LC Xtra that offers endless hours of non-stop performance with high productivity and greater fuel efficiency. You can expect more of the toughest and biggest tasks to be handled easily with the new JCB 220LC Xtra. It’s the dependable partner your business deserves



  • 8%* More Fuel Efficient
  • High Operator Comfort
  • 650+ Dealership Outlets
  • 7%* Higher Output - New Smart Controls With 8 Power Modes
  • JCB Premier Line Solutions
  • More Control with JCB’s Advanced Telematics - LiveLink
Xtra Efficiency

Innovatively designed to maximise every facet of performance and productivity, the JCB 220LC Xtra delivers better operating efficiencies and the ability to manage the toughest terrains. Maximise your balance sheet with the JCB 220LC Xtra. It’s the dependable partner your business deserves.

  • JCB ecoMAX engine that produces 170 hp @1850 rpm with max torque of 695 Nm @ 1500 rpm
  • 8%* More Fuel Efficient
  • Eco hydraulic system that reduces fuel consumption
  • Auto idler that reduces engine speed automatically, saving fuel


* Terms and conditions

Xtra Command

The vision you have for your business demands pushing the limits to deliver a higher level of performance and productivity. The new JCB 220LC Xtra has been built to challenge limits with innovative technology that helps boost output. Give your vision the dependability it deserves. Try a JCB 220LC Xtra to see for yourself.

  • 8 variable power modes for complete flexibility
  • New H+ mode increases hydraulic power and increases output by 7%*
  • 14,360 kg of bucket tear out force helps in high output even in tough strata with Power Boost mode


* Terms and conditions

Xtra Care

JCB Premier Line Solutions are a comprehensive range of innovatively designed, customised support packages* that offer real-time and proactive product support. Exclusively available to all JCB 220LC Xtra owners, these packages ensure your success story with the JCB 220LC Xtra continues uninterrupted.

*Standard Warranty is 2 years/5,000 hrs, whichever is earlier. Customisable solutions also available for machines as well as on the Power train components up to 7,000 hrs.

  • Machine up time guarantee
  • Rapid parts availabilit
  • Highly trained engineers
  • Custom warranty support packages
  • Dealer network of 650+ outlets.
Xtra Control
The JCB 220LC Xtra offers extra protection through JCB’s new LiveLink Advanced Telematics system. Geo-fencing and GPS tracking enable you to determine the exact position of the machine even as the service reminder facilitates planning of a service. The critical machine alerts feature warns the operator of low engine oil pressure, water and fuel, coolant temperature and transmission oil temperature. Get the advantage of LiveLink. It’s the dependability your business deserves.

Service reminder, machine data backup & critical machine health alerts

Fuel level information, engine status, idle time monitoring, hammer abuse alerts, tow away alerts & fuel consumption reports

GPS tracking, operating hours & geo-fencing
Reliable & Durable
Boom and arm are made of high tensile steel that offer higher strength and long life in most arduous applications. Additional plate and wear ribs are provided in arm for additional strength and for protection from any external damage.

A rigid upper frame provides excellent durability through robust design. Closed box section design of side members at pump and radiator bay enhance strength to reduce extent of damage due to any external impact.

Our advanced manufacturing and assembly processes produce high precision and quality assembled components.

Heavy duty track chain offers improved strength and wear properties of track links and track 

Premier Line Solutions

The new JCB 220LC Xtra is backed by JCB’s Premier Line Solutions that offer real-time and proactive product support to ensure that your success story continues uninterrupted. 


The new JCB 220LC Xtra has been designed to provide better performance and operating efficiencies to manage the toughest of terrains with ease. It’s the dependable partner your business deserves.


Stay in control always with JCB LiveLink

Stay in control always with the new JCB 220LC Xtra that comes equipped with Advanced Telematics System – LiveLink that lets you track the performance of your machine anytime and from anywhere. 

Operator Comfort

The new JCB 220LC Xtra provides best in class operator comfort that complement its proven security and safety features. 

Fuel Efficiency

Enhance your business efficiencies with the new JCB 220LC Xtra that provides better fuel efficiency to maximise every facet of performance and productivity.