Reach farther with the NXT level of Long Reach Excavator – the JCB NXT 205LR. Built for the NXT level of reach, the JCB NXT 205LR features long and reinforced boom and arm. The boom has been strengthened from the top and bottom and with additional internal baffle plates. The arm has also been reinforced for additional durability. With its long and strengthened boom and arm, the JCB NXT 205LR delivers NXT level of reach and reliability. 

Discover more control with IntelliControl, with the built-in 7-inch screen for real-time operational data. Powered by Advanced Telematics Technology, the JCB NXT 205LR enables remote management of the machine through SOS features for better operational optimisation. With JCB ecoHydraulics for innovative power management and 10 power bands for saving and optimising fuel consumption, the JCB NXT 205LR delivers NXT level of fuel-efficiency. 

Designed for reach, efficiency and reliability, the JCB NXT 205LR will take your excavation to the NXT level. Always look for a better way with JCB. 



Maximum Operating Weight
23,100 kg
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Bucket Capacity
0.55 cum

NXT Level of Control

Get real-time operational data on a 7-inch screen with IntelliControl.

See fuel status, colour coded health alerts, engine speed and operating mode status on the screen.

Monitor your machines remotely with Advanced Telematics Technology.

Use Live Link mobile application for GPS tracking, geo-fencing and machine utilisation reports for more control. 

NXT Level of Fuel Efficiency

JCB ecoHydraulics enables innovative power management for reduced fuel consumption.

JCB Dynamic Efficiency provides 3 power modes: Eco, Power and Power Plus for better fuel management and efficiency.

IntelliControl enables 8 different engine speeds in Eco mode customised for various applications for fuel-efficient operations.

NXT Level of Low Maintenance Cost

Special filtration system enables hydraulic oil to change every 5,000 hours and provides hydraulic main filter change interval of 1,000 hours to reduce maintenance cost.

Turbine type pre-cleaner assembly filters the dust particles and helps in increasing the life of air filter elements and the engine.

Radial seal type air filter elements provide secure and error-free sealing.

Graphite induced bush for 1000 hours greasing at boom ends.

NXT Level of Performance

JCB’s innovative hydraulic regeneration system recycles hydraulic oil across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.


The advanced hydraulic system also ensures excellent multifunction performance, resulting in higher output levels.

Excellent bucket and dipper tear-out forces result in higher output and faster completion of work, especially in hard strata.

NXT Level of Reach

Maximum digging reach of 15.6 metres for digging wells and ponds.

Maximum cutting reach of 12.6 metres for demolition operations.