JCB Telehandler, a performer in cotton industry

In the demanding business of cotton production, key to business growth is profitability and productivity which, go hand in hand to grow your business. The JCB 530-70 and 530-110 are India’s first built in India Telescopic Handlers designed to bring increased flexibility to your work site. With placing heights of 7 meter or 11meter the JCB telescopic handler can unload with ease the highest of trucks or hoppers, or efficiently stock pile materials. But the JCB Telescopic Handler is much more, fitted with the JCB Quick Hitch, the operator can quickly change from shovel, to forks, to sweeper or to any one of our wide range of attachments. 

Onsite maintenance becomes easier, fitting the man platform the JCB telescopic handler can sufficiently and safely lift your maintenance team to height whilst maintaining a safe working environment. Built with a high commonality of parts with our global leading Backhoe loader, the JCB Telescopic handler is fitted with the JCB torque converter transmission allowing our customers to say good bye to seasonal clutch repairs and Hello to lower maintenance costs. Now more than ever is the time why you need to discover why the JCB Telescopic Handler is just what you need in cotton Industry.

Models: 530-70, 530-110, 535-95, 535-125 HI-VIZ, 540-140 HI-VIZ, 540-170