Discover JCB’s range of magical Mini Excavators designed for a New India.

The times we are living in are a turning point for India’s urban infrastructure. After years of shaping the country’s landscape, we now require highly innovative solutions that can pave the way for complete transformation. Considering New India’s skyrocketing aspirations, we truly need ‘magical’ tools. 

That’s where the all-new JCB Mini Excavator comes in. 

JCB’s all-new range of next-gen Mini Excavators are Made in India to perform multiple applications in restricted areas. These machines come with excellent fuel savings, greater operator comfort, 24x7 product support by JCB’s extensive dealer network and are engineered to achieve excellent manoeuvrability in narrow & confined spaces. All this makes for maximum productivity and a truly remarkable performance. 

But that’s not all.

JCB Mini Excavators come with a wide range of attachments making them capable of diverse applications across Power, Building Construction, Civic & Municipal Work, Plantation, Agriculture & Waste Management.

Compact in size, yet truly phenomenal in performance. Indeed, JCB Mini Excavators are ‘Magic in Motion’!

Magical Minis. Magical Features.

• Zero Tail Swing
• Boom Offset Digging
• JCB Advanced Telematics System 24x7 – Livelink
• Excellent Fuel Efficiency
• 12% Extra Tractive Force
• Incredible Engine Horsepower


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