With optimum operating weight of 1600 kg makes HM2160HD more suitable for 20 Tonne machines. Its superior design and standard ANTI BLANK FIRING feature avoids any damage to the internal parts and carrier structure. Internal control valve helps to reduce hydraulic oil temperature, avoids contamination and increases system efficiency by 15%. Its compact auto grease system supplied as standard feature, makes it easy for operator to eliminate wastage and contamination of MOLUB alloy grease. Its higher impact rate and energy of 4527 Joules is best suited for primary and secondary breaking. It’s stroke adjuster maximises output in various applications. This attachment is best suited for quarry - secondary breaking, pipe & cable laying – trenching, road & realty sector- foundation work & demolition
Suitable Models:  JS 205LC, JS215LC, JCB 220LC Xtra, JCB NXT 140, JS80, JCB 3DX ECOXCELLENCE