GST Benefits

GST, one of the biggest fiscal reforms in India, is the uniform tax system implemented recently, across the nation. With the advent of this new tax system, all the previous taxes have been discontinued. Out of the numerous benefits, the most important one from the introduction of GST is the removal of the cascading tax effect which means a tax on tax. Consequently, a consumer will now pay a single tax on any good or service that is Goods and Services Tax or GST.
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Benefits of GST with JCB

GST has been an impactful reform with multiple benefits like boost in investment, higher threshold for registration, lesser compliances, increased efficiencies in logistics and more organised business sectors etc.

It’s time to avail amazing benefits of GST with JCB. Fayda Guru is here to take you through significant advantages of GST so that expect more, do more.

  1. Businessmen registered under GST have the freedom to function business anywhere in India without any restrictions.
  2. Registered businessmen will get the benefit of “Input Tax Credit” which is, if they buy a machine from GST registered dealer, then they can claim GST amount from the government.
  3. A single tax system will lead to more transparency in their business.

To know more about GST benefits on JCB machines, visit your nearest JCB dealership and meet Fayda Guru to know more.

GST benefits explained by JCB Fayda Guru

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