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Celebrating 2,50,000 Backhoe Loaders that pave the way for an impeccable business success, JCB has been your partner for an intelligent and progressive future. The Backhoe Loader range by JCB leads the world in performance, innovation and reliability. Leading the industry with innovation for over seven decades, JCB is here with its new range of Backhoe Loaders that empowers you to do more. Infused with 5 world-first technology features like Guide Me Home, Easy Shift Transmission, SOS Switch, and Smart App Diagnostics, the Backhoe Loaders also come loaded with 30 new features so that you have the choice to do more.
Advance Backhoe Loader

Five World-First Features

Easy shift transmission - This feature includes the world-first Automated Electro shift Gearbox to enable easy shift transmission. The new Backhoe Loaders not only improve the fuel efficiency but also reduce the maintenance cost by Auto idle and Auto stop.

Guide me home feature - This has been incorporated to ensure safe and smooth passage for the operators. It works by using the external lights to show the way to the operators in the dark and helps them identify their belongings and work smoothly 30 seconds after the ignition is switched off.

SOS - This feature is infused in the new Backhoe Loaders to enable the operator to make direct contact with JCB call centre at the time of emergency.

Three new modes - These are designed to help the consumer to increase its efficiency by giving the options of three operating modes including Excavation, Loading and Roading.

Smart app machine diagnostics - This includes smart app machine to help diagnose any problem, if any with the machine.


The Choice To Do More

Other Features

Save Rs.1.8 Lakhs* more in 3 years
10%* more boost in fuel efficiency and 5%* lower maintenance with variable hydraulic pump

New advanced LiveLink gives data analytics and machine performance report.
It helps in idle time monitoring and fuel-level theft information 

Sturdy Structure with best-in-class digging forces Working made easy with faster cycle times

Best Operator Comfort
Guide me home, option of AC cabin, and Servo controls


*T&C Apply.

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