Technical specification




Type Epicyclic hub reduction
Type Epicyclic hub reduction
Make JCB
Model PD87Max-Trac
Overall axle ratio/ drop box ratio 15.23
Chassis angle oscillation degrees ±10º


Service brakes In board oil immersed brakes
Service brakes In board oil immersed brakes
Parking brake Cable operated disc brake ontransmissions
output shaft


System voltage Volt 12
System voltage Volt 12
Alternator output Amp Hour 150
Battery capacity Amp Hour 120


Manufacturer JCB
Manufacturer JCB
Model EcoMAX
Capacity litres 4.8
Aspiration Turbocharged/charge cooled
Numberof cylinders 4
Power rating
Gross power to SAE J1995/ISO 14396 kW (hp) 108 (145) @ 2200 rpm
Net power to J1349/EEC 80/12 kW (hp) 101 (135) @ 2200 rpm
Torque rating
Gross torque Nm 560 @ 1500 rpm


Pump type Variable displacement piston pump
Pump type Variable displacement piston pump
Pump maximumflow l/min 160
Pump maximumpressure bar 260
Hydraulic cycle times
Boomraise seconds 5.1
Boomlower seconds 4.7
Extend seconds 3.6
Retract seconds 3.5
Bucketdump seconds 2.9
Bucketcrowd seconds 3.4
Totalcycletime seconds 15


Uncertainty Measurement conditions
Uncertainty Measurement conditions
Noise at the operator station LpA 73 dB +/- 1 dB Determined in accordance with the test method defined in ISO 6396 and the dynamic test condition defined on 2000/14/EC.
Noise emission from the machine LWA 107 dB +/- 1 dB Guaranteed equivalent sound power (external noise) determined in accordance with the dynamic test conditions defined in 2000/14/EC.
Whole body vibration m/s2 0.39 +/- 0.11 dB ISO 2631-1:1997 normalised to an 8h reference period and based
upon a test cycle comprising of loader work (soil).
Hand-arm vibration m/s2 <2.5 N/A ISO 5349-2:2001 dynamic test conditions.


Maximumlift capacity to full height with forks kg 4100
Maximumlift capacity to full height with forks kg 4100
Lift capacity at full reach kg 2250
Lift height mm 5450
Maximum forward reach mm 3050
Straighttipping load - forks with 500mm load centre* kg 6670
Full turn tipping load - forks with 500mm load centre* kg 5200**
Full turn tipping load- forks calculated @ 80% load factor* kg 4160**
Full turn tipping load - forks calculated @ 60% load factor* kg 3120**
Breakout force - tearout kg 7200
** Straight and Full Turn Tipping Load with forks and direct mount to Q-Fit carriage to EN474 (ISO 14397)


Hydraulic tank litres 97
Hydraulic tank litres 97
Fueltank litres 160
Engine oil sump litres 14
Axle oil (front) including hubs litres 25
Axle oil (rear) including hubs litres 25
Drop box litres 1.3
DEF litres 29
Transmission litres 19


A Overall height mm 2827
A Overall height mm 2827
B Overall width (over tyres) mm 2350
C Wheelbase mm 2758
D Ground clearance to bottom of axle mm 466
E Height to top of boom pivot mm 1975
F Wheel track mm 1860
G Axle to shovel toe plate mm 2532
H Axle to counterweight face mm 1721
I Total length* mm 7011
J Dump reach mm 735
K Dump height mm 4411
L Load over height mm 5064
M Pin height mm 5661
N Maximum dump angle degrees 39
O Roll back at carry degrees 43
Total length to front of hitch mm 5829
Inside radius mm 3880
Outside radius (edge of tyre) mm 5060
Outside radius (over shovel) mm 5680
Articulation angle deg ±40°
Operating weight kg 9530
Front axle weight kg 3280
Rear axle weight kg 6250
Tyres used for specifications Michelin XMCL 480/80R26
Bucket used for specifications 1.6m3 GP
Hitch used for specification Q-Fit
*Please note total length: machine fitted with standard bucket - in carry position, shovel crowded fully back.


145hp JCBEcoMAX engine
Cyclonic air filter
Air intake scavenge system
Widecore cooling pack
Auto reversing fan +
6 speedPowershift transmission
Lock-up torque converter in gears4- 6
40kph travel speed
Transmissions disconnect on footbrake
Forward / reverse controls on joystick
Column mounted transmission selector
In board oil immersed disc brakes
Limited slip differentials front and rear +
Servo controls
Flow sharing hydraulics
Proportional boom and auxiliary controls
Adjustable constant flow hydraulics
Variabledisplacementpiston pump
Priority steer valve
Hose burst check valves
JCB Adaptive Load Control
JCB Smoothride system +
Biodegradable hydraulic oil +
ROPS/FOPS safety structure
Laminated screen
Fully adjustable mechanical seat
Air suspension seat +
Interior light
LED interior light +
Tilt andtelescopicsteering column
Adjustable joystick control console and armrest
Front and rear wash/wipe
3 speed heater fan
Air conditioning +
RH openingwindow withlock back
LH opening door with door lock back
LH Slidingwindow +
Single lever joystick controls
Loader control isolator
External rear view mirrors
Front and roof screen blinds
Fire extinguisher +
Additional storage box +
Tool box +
Road lights front and rear
LED road lights front and rear +
Reverse lights
Battery isolator
Rotating beacon +
Twin beacons +
Four front and four rear worklights +
LED boom worklights +
Halogen twin reverse light kit +
Reverse foglight kit +
LiveLink telematics
LED 360 degree worklights +
LED Four front and four rear worklights +
LED tow hitch light +
12v in-cab power socket
Reverse camera with colour screen +
Plastic front and rear fenders
Fixed bottom step
Full width rear counterweight
Recovery hitch
Prop shaft guard
Grease gun and cartridge +
Deluxe exterior mirrors
Hydraulic tow hitch +
Rockinger hitch (15000kg) +
Trailer electrics +
Trailer braking +
Rear auxiliary +
Rear belly guards +
Mid belly guards +
Parallel lift
End damping on boomlift, extend, retract and bucket dump
Pin and Cone carriage (CAT III) +
JCB Q-fit carriage +
Industrial carriage +
Electrical in cabquickhitch pinisolation
5/8" Auxiliary couplers +
Grain shovel 4.0m3 +
Grain shovel 2.7m3 +
Muck grab 2.4m3 +
GP shovel 1.6m3 +
Pallet forks 1067mm +
Pallet forks 1200mm +
NB. Regional variations may apply to standard and optional equipment


Type Powershift
Type Powershift
Make JCB
Model PS760 - 6 Speed speed kph 40


Manufacturer Size Type Application Dimensional changes
Manufacturer Size Type Application Dimensional changes
Overall height(mm) Width over tyres(mm)
Michelin 480/80R26 XMCL AG - -
Michelin 480/80R26 BIBLOAD AG/EM 8 0
Michelin 620/70R26 CEREXBIB AG 7 201
Michelin 17.5R25 XHA EM -54 -19
Michelin 17.5R25 XSNOPLUS EM -60 -19
Nokian 17.5R25 LOADER GRIP TL EM -42 -20
JCB 17.5R25 EARTHMOVER EM -23 -22