Generator Service & Support

JCB Generator Service and Support is dedicated to the maintenance of power generation systems around the world. Any generator, used for prime running or emergency back-up power, requires regular maintenance to keep the power switched on and the performance high.

Aftercare and maintenance for JCB generators is available through our dedicated JCB Power dealers across the globe as well as a dedicated in-house power projects support team in the UK. Whatever the power requirement, JCB has the service and maintenance to support your power generation needs. Our global parts distribution service is second to none and our technical back-up is supported by the industry leading JCB LiveLink for Power - innovative telematics support for dealers and customers to monitor and manage one generator or an entire fleet.



  • Backup for any make, model and size of generator.
  • Engineers on the road covering the whole of the UK
  • Support to some of the UK’s biggest operations
  • Consistent support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Generator service contract cover is available for all types of installations, from a single generator to a multi-set installation
  • Industry leading warranty for added peace of mind


JCB LiveLink for Power is fitted as standard on all JCB generators over 60kVA to provide real-time information like fuel levels and service notifications to keep you in complete control. You can manage generator maintenance easily, monitor run hours and receive service alerts to improve maintenance planning and coordination with customers.

See when machines are due a routine service on the LiveLink website or register to receive alerts via email.  Get quick, easy access to performance reports, fault diagnostics and more to optimise your generator’s performance. What’s more JCB LiveLink for Power provides you with an electronic service history of your generator fleet, which lasts the lifetime of the product. 



For the latest in ultimate generator performance and efficiency, look no further than a JCB Broadcrown planned maintenance programme. This service allows you to budget accurately for your maintenance regime, keeping your machinery operating at it's optimum level.

JCB Broadcrown's expert engineers carry a diverse range of spares, giving them the best possible chance of fixing your generator first time around without the need for a return visit. With our high levels of experience and reliability, we're proud to say that we've built long-standing relationships with many customers nationwide. Every one of our service engineers is fully accredited and experienced in the field.

Service contract cover is available for all types of installations, from a single generator at an elderly care home to a multi-set installation at a data centre. You can create exactly the right contract to suit your specific operational requirement, whether that's prime or standby power, weekend or night working, or a combination. Emergency call-out cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, is available for ultimate peace of mind.


Poor quality fuel can seriously reduce the reliability of your generator. JCB Broadcrown can help to maintain and manage the quality of your fuel to protect the engine lifetime.

When we buy diesel in the UK, we buy a blend of petrochemical diesel and FAME, a biological element that reduces the damage caused by fuel burning. Modern diesel blends containing FAME can only be stored for 6 to 12 months under normal conditions. After this, your fuel will start to get contaminated and degrade. Depending on the type and severity of the contamination, this can cause engine failure.

There are many types of fuel contaminant, and the potentially harmful risks to your generator include the loss of standby equipment, damage and downtime, along with a loss of both revenue and credibility.

One quick and effective way to make sure that your fuel is clean is to opt for JCB Broadcrown’s fuel sampling, testing and cleaning service. We can help to keep your stored fuel in peak condition by:
• Tank-side testing for solid contaminants, bacteria and water
• Supplying and installing Diesel Defence Fuel Polishing units
• Regular filter checking
• Replacing filters
• Annual testing as part of a Service Contract


If your generator breaks down, it could represent a huge loss in productivity on your site. JCB Broadcrown can provide both temporary replacement generators and contingency planning to help you manage the situation as efficiently as possible.

JCB Broadcrown offers a full range of temporary generators ranging from 20kVA output up to 1,500kVA. Multiple synchronising generators can be supplied for higher load requirements. For total peace of mind, our fully trained engineers will handle all of the installation for you.

It can be hard to know what the best course of action is when a generator suffers a failure, but JCB Broadcrown can produce a contingency plan for you. This will enable a temporary generator to be installed as quickly as possible in an emergency. The contingency plans can include:

• Details of equipment to be delivered
• Fuel management details
• Directions for delivery drivers
• A site plan including photos to show exact equipment location
• Connection type required
• Location of connection point
• Required configuration of Castell Keys etc
• Generator connection procedure
• Generator disconnection procedure
• Pricing schedule
• Pre-approved method statement and risk assessment


Because technology and legislation are constantly changing, JCB Broadcrown believes in being pro-active. We offer upgrades and retrofits to all your existing equipment so you can enjoy the very latest technological advances.

JCB Broadcrown can refurbish a generator that’s been idle or become unusable due to age or obsolescence of components. Our complete refurbishment service not only extends service life but also performance too. We can normally refurbish your generator on site, but we can also transport it to our workshop facility if required.

You can rely on our expert Mechanical and Electrical Design teams to manage the relocation of any generator for you.

We can upgrade or refurbish many generator parts, including:
• Diesel engines
• Alternators
• Control panels
• Cooling systems
• Fuel systems including tanks and pipework
• Acoustic enclosures
• Switchgear
• Wiring looms