Introducing the G40RS V. Part of the JCB Rental Series.

Don’t be gentle, it’s a JCB rental.

 JCB Rental Series has been designed and manufactured to give fantastic build quality using advanced technology and industry-leading components, complemented by world-class customer support.



With 96% less Particulate Matter (PM) emitted , the JCB G40RS V brings the latest in emissions control technology without any loss in flexibility or performance

  • Stage V JCB by Kohler KDi 2504 TCR engine.
  • Achieves EU stage V emission levels with only DOC & DPF aftertreatment.
  • No SCR system means there is no need to top up DEF on site.
  • DPF performance is optimised using built in resistive elements for intelligent load management.
  • Maintains optimal machine operation, even at low loads and temperatures, maximising uptime.


With its heavy gauge exterior and rugged rental baseframe design, the JCB Rental Series is tough enough to cope with the demands of a lifetime of rental use

  • 2mm thick zinc steel canopy with 8 stage paint process.
  • Oversized baseframe for increased impact protection.
  • Integrated forklift pockets and fixed centre lift point for frequent site movement.
  • Single-piece roof and internal panel fixings.
  • Maximum water ingress protection and durability.


By selecting the right components from industry-leading suppliers and submitting them to an exhaustive 18 month evaluation and testing programme, we ensure our products are right first time and every time.

  • Total+ alternator winding protection gives added protection for sensitive alternator component when used in harsh or saline environments.
  • Intelligent design and exhaustive testing ensure that the G40RS V is reliable in all climates. From -15oc to +40oc with no additional equipment or derate.


Minimising downtime is key to achieving ultimate productivity, which is why the Rental Series is designed to keep servicing and maintenance to a minimum. When routine maintenance is due, you’ll find it straightforward and efficient.

  • A fully bunded 24-hour fuel tank allows maximum productivity.
  • 3-way fuel valve with quick release couplings provides an easy and convenient way to connect an external bulk fuel tank.
  • Single side filter access keeps service time to a minimum.
  • Advanced fuel filtration and water separation helps ensure long 500-hour service intervals.


Easy to transport. Easy to deploy. Easy to operate. Fixed single point lift and integrated fork pockets, generous cable access ducts and externally accessible socket connections, autostart and synchronising controllers combine together, to make the JCB Rental Series an easy choice.

  • The standard fit DSE 7310 is a familiar face allowing simple set up on site.
  • The optional DSE 8610 controller with plug and play connections allows multiple sets to be easily synchronised together.
  • Quick connect sockets with three phase and single phase outlets and a 16A connection for auxiliary supplies.
  • Integrated forklift pockets and fixed centre lift point for easy site movement.