JCB ECO Max - In The Field

Since the launch of the JCB Dieselmax engine in 2005, it has been an amazing success story. Now with hundreds of thousands in service throughout the world in numerous and varied applications, they have built a formidable reputation for performance and reliability with both JCB machine equipment and Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our in-house experience and knowledge of Powertrain development, integration and design has allowed us to appreciate an OEM`s requirements in a different way to most other engine manufacturers. Through a team of experienced Applications Engineers, we place a high degree of focus on engine installation development and appraisal activity with all OEM`s and Distributors. Our belief in “getting the installation right” regardless of volume statistics has proved a valuable asset by significantly reducing warranty and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

We are proud to be different and pleased to be able to share our Powertrain integration experience with other OEM`s.


"We’ve had excellent support from JCB Power Systems throughout the process. Their team is highly responsive and their engineers worked with us on the overall impact of the Tier 4 engine installation in our machine which, thankfully, only required a modification to the chassis to accommodate a cooler pack.“ Mark Royse


“We are very happy with the service provided by JCB. The teams at both JCB Power Systems and JCB Drivetrain. Systems offer us excellent support during the development stage as well as great after sales service for machines out in the field. We like the pro-active mentality which is an ethos we also share.” Jeroen Meijerink

Johnston Sweepers

“We get great support from the team at JCB Power Systems. They work with us to develop a bespoke engine solution rather than just offer us a ‘fait accompli’ product. Their engineers really understand our business and offer their experience and knowledge to help us modify our own equipment.” Steve Douglas

Anaconda Equipment International Ltd

“For many years our products have been fitted with the JCB Dieselmax engine. The JCB EcoMAX engine design allows our R&D engineers maximum flexibility in meeting our innovative machine designs, particularly when space is a key factor. We have now introduced the JCB EcoMAX engine models across our product range to be sold globally. These efficient engines offer our customers improved performance and lower fuel consumption.” Alistair Forsyth


“We are very happy with the service provided by JCB. The teams at both JCB Power Systems and JCB Drivetrain.

Systems offer us excellent support during the development stage as well as great after sales service for machines out in the field. We like the pro-active mentality which is an ethos we also share.” Jeroen Meijerink

Pump Buggy

“With the unit left to run unattended, often for 16 hours at a time, I had to be sure that the unit I was buying was reliable so I asked my local water agent who recommended the JCB engine. Rated at 89kW at 2200 rpm and featuring high torque at low speeds he assured me it was one of the finest engines in its class on the market. It also has a market-leading warranty policy so I have complete peace of mind and it is both quiet and efficient.” Paul McKay

Matriarch Equipment

“Working in sugar cane plantations in sub-Sarahan Africa, we specify high quality components to ensure the reliability and durability of our products. We particularly like that the JCB engine is modern, yet simple in its design, which means it is easy to service and maintain. The high peak torque of the engine at very low revs is a feature that contributes to the overall efficiency of our machine - our customers really appreciate the fantastic fuel consumption. We have now started to specify JCB engines in our other products.” Ashley Bell


“We selected the JCB engine because it is a compact, high torque, smooth running engine that fits our machine and performance requirements very well. The nature of the application is very demanding and grain dust can be challenging for the complex electronics of a computer-controlled engine. For that reason, we selected the JCB Tier 3 mechanical engine as it is one of the few engines being produced with a mechanical injection pump, at the desired power levels, in a Tier 3 format.” Tyler Van Megen

Paillardet S

“Our partnership with the local JCB Distributor RAMS Fr is going from strength to strength. We have a great product made even greater by the JCB engine they supply to us. We’ve developed this hydraulic winch over the last couple of years and it is now working successfully in a number of ski resorts locally and latterly in Algeria. Now the concept is refined and working efficiently we will be actively promoting the winch to a wider audience.” Jean-Francois Reynaud

Mermaid Marine

The JCB engine is gaining a strong reputation within the marine market. As well as being robust and reliable it is well suited to heavy duty commercial marine applications thanks to its high torque at low engine speed and its high capacity PTO drive fitted as standard.” Julian Osbourne


“JCB’s innovative approach to Tier 4 Interim engine development brings real world fuel saving benefits to my customers and I know that when we change to Tier 4 Final engines those benefits will become even greater.  My 30 years of experience in the design and production of rotating telehandlers together with JCB’s proven EcoMAX engines is simply a great force to be reckoned with.”  Ricardo Magni, Founder

Thompson Pump

“What we like about the JCB engine is its constant power curve and high torque capability which offers quiet running and exceptional fuel efficiency. We also really like the fact that the 74hp model meets EPA emissions standards without the need for any after-treatment – resulting in less maintenance, more uptime and flexibility for off-highway duty cycles.” Dale Conway, VP Engineering & Manufacturing"