The construction, housing and infrastructure sectors face distinct geotechnical challenges and JCB now offers a unique single-machine solution to help you save money, time and space.


The new JCB Pilingmaster is specially designed for the piling industry, offering you performance to rival traditional piling rigs. However, because this innovative machine is based on a backhoe loader, it’s a true all-rounder offering many benefits. The Pilingmaster helps save on time as it's fast and easy to transport, road legal* and requires fewer piling mat deployments.


There are savings in space too. Because the JCB Pilingmaster is based on a backhoe loader, it benefits from the compact dimensions, 180 degree slewing arc and 3 steer modes meaning it can drill piles close to existing structures.


The biggest savings are financial, there are proven savings of £3,800 per plot, vs a traditional strip foundation method.


With the JCB Pilingmaster the savings soon pile up!


*Region Dependant





JCB’s all-day-comfy heated full air-suspension seat houses the excavator-style servo controls. This makes for great backhoe loader maneuverability, fingertip control and supreme comfort.


A fully glazed cab provides excellent 360-degree visibility and optional LED lights keep the new JCB Pilingmaster’s working area well-illuminated.


A full flow-sharing hydraulic system with a maximum flow rate of 165 l/min makes it easy to multifunction while you’re operating the piling equipment.


The new in-cab electronic display provides operators with all the key information they need for accurate piling: verticality, piling depth and pressure indicators for downforce/applied rotary torque.



A travel height of under 4m ensures that the new JCB Pilingmaster complies with road regulations* and allows easy site access.

As with most JCB backhoe loaders, you can road at up to 40 km/h, ensuring rapid and easy mobilisation between sites. Better still, limited slip differentials optimise traction in all ground conditions and help to reduce tyre wear.

Optimised weight distribution and a low centre of gravity combine to minimise ground bearing pressure. This provides great stability for piling, loading and roading.

We fit our Auto Smoothride System as standard, increasing operator comfort on and off-road, as well as improving load retention.

* - region-dependant.


The new JCB Pilingmaster is compatible with a wide range of augers (350, 450 and 600mm diameter) to suit many piling needs. An auger depth gauge is fitted to both sides to minimise the risk of over-flighting the tool.


A hydraulic driven Brevini® winch with automatic brake prevents your operators from over-winding the wire rope.


The piling rig features a robust in-house kelly-bar design with multiple inner sections. This setup allows the machine to reach impressive dig depths of up to 14m (45’ 11”).


Piling performance is impressive: 1.25 tonnes of head torque equates to a powerful drilling force. You can also vary piling diameter from 350mm to 600mm for maximum flexibility, and pile up to 14m to carry out deep foundation work.


JCB’s backhoe Powerslide feature is fitted as standard, meaning that you can drill multiple piles from a single position. The resulting increased working radius boosts productivity and reduces ground damage.


With an operating weight of under 12 tonnes, this innovative piling machine will significantly reduce your need for piling mats.


Emergency stop switches are fitted both internally and externally to isolate the hydraulics on the new JCB Pilingmaster.


Backhoe loaders can sustain damage on any site, so rear light guards are fitted as standard for added impact protection.


Full 360◦ visibility makes this one of the safest piling machines on the market, while dedicated LED lights mounted on the rig help to provide clear visibility to the auger at all times.


To make access to your piling machine as safe as possible, operators have three points of contact at all times on the steps (which are of a large anti-slip open grill design to stop material build up).


A large built-in lockable toolbox provides safe storage for tools and other items.


If the stabilisers aren’t fully retracted when this backhoe is on the move, a warning system alerts the operator.


All under-bonnet daily checks on the new JCB Pilingmaster are automatic, meaning that operators don’t need to carry out the task manually.


We’ve designed the piling rig to fold down to ground level for quick and easy servicing.


Refuelling is quick and easy to do at ground level thanks to the pannier side-mounted fuel tank. A large 20-litre AdBlue® DEF tank only requires filling every four to five fuel refills, minimising downtime*.


The battery and isolator are located behind a lockable front grille, protecting them from theft whilst also allowing easy operator access.


Our large one-piece bonnet allows you to access the spacious engine bay and perform all servicing on your piling rig from one side of the machine.


There’s a dipper cylinder limiter which prevents over-extension and reduces the risk of damage when you’re using the piling equipment.



* - We recommend filling the AdBlue every time you refuel.