JCB rental generators tick every box...

When it comes to rental generators, we understand that you need to have confidence in your power solution. You need to be confident that your power source is as reliable, efficient and high performance as it can be. And you need to have confidence that you're well supported to deliver power anywhere it’s needed.

The new JCB rental generator range offers you all this and more. Each generator boasts all the quality you'd expect from JCB, including innovative, efficient design, cutting edge engine technology and market-leading telemetry. These British-built generators are also backed by unrivalled service and support all over the world, as well as comprehensive warranty cover. 

 So you can be sure of generating power – and confidence – wherever you operate.

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Robust Design

Rental machinery often has a hard working life. That’s why we’ve made our whole rental generator range extremely robust as standard.

A tough exterior helps keep internal components intact during operation and movement and an oversized robust bunded base protects the whole generator.
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Easy to Use

So that you can get your power up and running quickly and easily on any site, the RS range is intuitive to use. The distribution panels, sockets and busbar are all housed in the same place and connecting cables is simple with a heavy duty busbar as standard on every RS generator.

Efficiency and Performance

With JCB power comes JCB efficiency. JCB's rental generator range is designed to ensure you get more power for every drop of fuel.

The innovative Stage IIIA JCB Dieselmax engines power the new RS models from 60 - 125kVA. Built in the UK, the Dieselmax engines provide clean, safe and quiet power. More importantly, they’re incredibly productive on any site. 

Less servicing, more service

We recognise that you want your generator to spend as much time as possible working, not being worked on. That’s why our rental range is incredibly easy to maintain and our extensive JCB dealer network gives you all the local support and global coverage you could need. For extra peace of mind, we’ve included warranty designed to fit your exact power requirements.

Live data, real knowledge

JCB LiveLink for Power uses the latest technology to help you monitor and manage your generator remotely via web, email or phone. Get quick, easy access to performance reports, fault diagnostics and more. JCB LiveLink provides real-time information like fuel levels and service notifications to keep you in complete control to provide power to any rental application.

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Generator Business Powers Ahead

Dubai-based Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) has bought more than 300 JCB generators in a deal worth £9 million.

RSS Operations Director Garry McMahon said: “we chose JCB Power Products as the range is the best rental selection we have seen. ”

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