Made by Apprentices

One team working together to manufacture and assemble an AGRI Pro Loadall from scratch, celebrating our national training opportunities for young people.

The stylish machine was unveiled at the JCB World Headquarters during National Apprenticeship Week 2017

 Apprenticeship Schemes

Theatre Reveal

68 Apprentices. 568 hours. 775 nuts and bolts were just a few of the ingredients.

Our structured training schemes and academic study programmes will enable you to develop the skills and knowledge and experience needed to reach your full potential.

Apprenticeship Schemes

Alanis Curran - Engineer 

“I’m really proud of myself that I’ve come from being an apprentice to being a part of such a big product in JCB. It’s exciting to see what the final product is going to be knowing that me and a lot of other apprentices have taken part and done it on our own initiatives.”
Apprenticeship Schemes

A World of Opportunities

Whether you have studied for GCSEs or A-Levels, you'll find that a JCB apprenticeship can open up a world of opportunities for you, they usually take between 2 to 4 years to complete depending on experience, attitude and progress.

Daniel Gillam - XP Engineer

“I believe my leadership skills have come on ten-fold within this project. You man manage yourself and as I was an older apprentice you sort of man manage the project on day to day basis. Just overseeing the build more than anything, I believe, really helped me grow as an individual and it’s given me an insight to where I want be in the future.”
Apprenticeship Schemes

Apprenticeship Programmes

  • Product Engineering and Assembly
  • Craft Technician
  • Engineering Technician
  • Higher/Degree Apprenticeships

Daniel Hodgkinson - Engineer 

“The new skills I developed throughout the project was being able to achieve deadlines for the project. We had a specific finish date so we had to plan the planning and the engine build into that deadline date.”
Apprenticeship Schemes

Push Your Boundaries

As one of the truly great engineering and manufacturing businesses, JCB has a pedigree for innovation, pushing boundaries and challenging the norm.

Everywhere you look in our business, you will find enthusiasm, vision and strength of character coupled with friendliness and a real can-do spirit.

Esher Cheema - Engineer 

“This project in general has made me feel quite proud to be part of it. Quite an amazing thing really if you think about it, you’ve got a load of apprentices from everywhere else putting their little bit in and essentially you get this one massive product at the end of it.”
Apprenticeship Schemes

JCB Apprenticeship Opportunities

The JCB Apprentices Loadall will be touring, if you want to see the machine, come to one of our many events