On top of everything...

...our best cab ever.

Introducing the new Series III AGRI Loadall, the new range of agricultural telescopic handlers from JCB.

On top of being the world’s No.1 with our industry-renowned fuel efficiency, hydraulics, drivetrain, safety features, structure, serviceability and increased productivity with greater lift performance across the range… our best cab ever.


Our all-new CommandPlus cab provides operators with the ultimate driving experience:

  • 12% increase in size to give best-in-class cab volume.
  • 50% reduction of in-cab noise to give a best-in-class 69dBA.
  • 14% increase in visibility through new seamless one-piece curved glass, to maintain best-in-class all-round visibility.
  • 66% faster defrost time and 10% increase in airflow performance are the result of a complete HVAC redesign.

Our best productivity.

Unparalleled productivity courtesy of Smart Hydraulics, superior performance and efficient design.

  • New Increased lifting performance throughout the range.
  • All-new Command Plus cab provides operators of all shapes and sizes with a comfortable driving position and extra space, to help work productively and with less fatigue over a long working day.
  • Regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational forces for faster boom lower and retract speeds.
  • Hydraulic auxiliary venting can be activated from inside or outside the cab for quick and safe attachment changeover.

Our best fuel efficiency.

Our JCB EcoMAX engine provides fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics.

  • Legendary efficiency thanks to our proven JCB EcoMAX engine with no DPF.
  • Regenerative hydraulics harness gravitational force to reduce excess revving of the engine.
  • ECO mode on AGRI Pro models allow the machine to use less engine revs during applications where full engine power is not needed.
  • Best-in-class fuel efficiency of 5.97 litres per hour based on over 2.5 million machine hours in farms around the world.

Our best hydraulics.

Our Smart Hydraulics package improves cycle times and reduces fuel consumption.

  • Boom end damping improves material retention and makes for a smoother work cycle.
  • Auto bucket control makes it easier to meter out or fully empty material from your bucket or manure fork via a feature button on the joystick.
  • Hydraulic auxiliary venting can be activated from inside or outside the cab for quick and safe attachment changeover.
  • New optional Chassis Sway is a hydraulic levelling adjustment on the front axle for precision load placement.

Our best drivetrain.

Designed and built to work seamlessly and in harmony across a wide range of applications.

  • We are the only manufacturer to make our complete drivetrain for maximum performance and efficiency with harmonious operation of gearbox and engine.
  • Widest range of engine to gearbox options from 74hp to 145hp (55kW to 108kW) and speeds up to a true 40kph.
  • DualTech VT is the world’s only 2-in-1 transmission, giving a seamless transition from hydrostatic to powershift and is available on the AGRI Pro model.
  • Fleximode provides independent engine speed and ground speed control.

Our best safety features.

Designed to be productive, without compromising safety or comfort.

  • Seamless one-piece curved glass provides best-in-class all-round visibility and excellent headroom.
  • Redesigned grab handles to allow easy access and egress to the cab.
  • New twin-line hydraulic braking system ensures safe stopping of the industry’s highest towing capacity machine.
  • Patented Adaptive Load Control System allows the operator to drive seamlessly; without hindering productivity, whilst ensuring machine stability at all times.

Our best structures.

Built and tested to withstand the toughest jobs using durable components and innovative manufacturing processes.

  • One-piece fully welded chassis maximises strength.
  • The thickest side plates in the industry help protect the internals and your investment.
  • Large boom overlaps of 1m for ultimate strength and durability.
  • New frameless mirrors are recessed within machine footprint to avoid damage when working close to buildings and other obstacles.

Our best serviceability.

Long service intervals and quick and easy maintenance reduces downtime.

  • New easy access HVAC filter for both fresh and recirculated air.
  • Centralised greasing facility makes for quicker and easier servicing.
  • Every filter and fill point is centrally located for easy access.
  • No costly DPF to replace or worry about.

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