The Agri S range wheel loaders can perform great feats of productivity. All models have a huge power-to-weight ratio for ultimate pushing, climbing and roading performance. A unique 6-speed transmission with torque convertor lock-up in every gear provides better acceleration and all-round performance.


We know that a wheel loader is a key part of the farm's process. That's why the Agri S range wheel loaders are built on a foundation of quality and reliability. The processes we've used to design and manufacture them will safeguard your working process, hour after hour, day after day. We use state-of-the-art manufacturing processes like robot machining, precision paint technology and innovative assembly techniques to achieve the very highest levels of quality.


Each S Range wheel loader has been designed to keep the operator safe and comfortable at all times. Our all-new Command Plus cab boasts best-in-class comfort, visibility, ergonomics and quietness. The totally redesigned ROPS structure with narrow A pillars allows for a large interior with superb panoramic front windscreen. The Command Driving Position provides the optimal control layout for any operator. You can also tailor the machine with choices of seat and air conditioning or automatic climate control.


The Agri S range wheel loaders are designed to move more material for less. To achieve this we've designed the engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in harmony with each other for ultimate efficiency. Eco Mode caps engine speed whilst our torque lock-up 6 speed transmission provides 100% efficiency in all gears, all helping to improve fuel consumption. No DPF provides additional fuel savings that can be used instead for actual productive work.


Introducing the JCB Agri S range- 3 highly productive and efficient animals, all perfectly adapted to tackle any size job on any size farm. From the powerful 435S with 172kW (230hp) to the 413S with 108kW (145hp) and the latest addition, the 419S with 136kW (183hp).

We’ve designed their engine, axles, driveline and hydraulics to work in total harmony, moving more material for less. All feature best-in-class comfort and visibility plus highly efficient  engines with no costly DPF. So when you need non-stop performance, there’s an Agri S waiting to make its mark on your farm.

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