TCO Top Tips

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  • Define machine specification to optimise cost/hour
  • JCB Dealers can help you finding the best TCO package
  • JCB Machines are designed to be class leading in TCO

We make sure JCB Customers have access to state-of-the-art finance options anywhere in the UK, with high speed, efficiency & fairness, making us a valued sales-aid partner to JCB and its Dealers:

  • Simplify the process with one invoice for machine and service
  • Optimise your credit line with your bank
  • Preferred rates and flexibility as standard
  • Helps budgeting costs with scheduled monthly payments
  • Reduces downtime by planning services ahead
  • Fix repair costs by adding JCB Premier Cover
  • No risk of cost inflation

JCB LiveLink Telematics makes your life so much easier and is the quickest way to confirm that your machines are well maintained and in good health without having to travel around work sites inspecting machines:

  • Improve fleet management with full visibility of machine usage and idle time
  • Reduce unnecessary fuel costs
  • Ensure optimum machine productivity
  • Locate your assets anywhere in the world and reduce risk with geographical alerts
  • JCB Trained Technicians are the experts for the job
  • The right diagnosis for each job reduces unnecessary downtime
  • Use of JCB Parts increases machine life
  • Ensures latest software is installed
  • Service History improves Residual Value