JS220 Tracked Excavator

JCB’s new JS220 is the culmination of 48 years’ tracked excavator expertise, offering performance and productivity without compromise. 

Designed and developed using our Efficient Design philosophy, the JS220 is an 22-tonne tracked excavator that’s equipped with a host of efficiency, performance, comfort and safety innovations. 

it doesn't require a bulky after-treatment like DPF, the new compact EcoMAX T4i engine can be housed under an innovative low-level bonnet, providing excellent rearward visibility.

We've also created an all-new high-strength boom and dipper for this excavator.


Maximum Dig Depth
Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Operating Weight


JCB JS220s have excellent front visibility, with a 70/30 front screen split and a clear view of the front right track for easy, safe trench digging and manoeuvring.

Because it doesn't require a bulky after-treatment like DPF, the new compact EcoMAX T4i engine can be housed under an innovative low-level bonnet, providing excellent rearward visibility.

For tremendous speed and control, a JCB JS220 has a balanced slew and electronic/hydraulic controlled slew braking. It can also be specified with proportional auxiliary control options for even more smoothness and precision.

An easy-to-read 7” colour multi-function display provides instant operational information, and has customisable home screens.

JCB JS220 cabs use 6 viscous rubber mounts to minimise noise and vibration.

We've reduced noise to 72dB(A) inside and 99dB(A) outside; because the JS220 creates a quieter working environment inside and out, you can use the machine at any location, any time.


Our EcoMAX Stage IV/T4F engine uses up to 10% less fuel than our Tier 3 units, saving you money. This is partly because EcoMAX produces high torque at just 1,500-1,600 rpm, and also because JCB uses efficient advanced hydraulic technology.

JCB’s tracked excavators use hydraulic regeneration to recycle oil across the cylinders for faster cycle times and reduced fuel consumption.

Auto-idle technology automatically reduces the engine speed of the JS220 tracked excavator when its hydraulics aren't in use.

Simultaneous tracking and excavating is smooth and fast with intuitive multifunction operation, and four operating work modes allow operators of these 360 excavators to tailor performance to any application. Auto, Economy, Precision and Lifting modes provide very different optimised settings.

For ultra-versatility, JCB offers a full list of auxiliary pipework options including hammer, auxiliary, merged and low flow.


JCB’s 2GO system fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended movements. This new start function means a JCB JS220 can only be started in a safe locked position via two separate inputs.

The JS220 bonnet opens front-to-rear for easy and safe engine service access.

The cab can be specified with Rollover Protection Structure (ROPS) and Falling Objects Protection Structure (FOPS).

JCB JS220s have a large glass area and low bonnet line for superb visibility.

There’s no need to climb onto the JS220 to check oil levels; all routine servicing can be done from ground level.

JCB’s Safety Level Lock fully isolates hydraulic functions to avoid unintended movements.


JCB’s Plexus Oil Filter System extends oil life to 5,000hrs by constantly filtering hydraulic fluid down to 2 microns, reducing risk of contamination.

By using graphite impregnated bronze bushes on the JS220, we've increased boom and dipper greasing intervals to 1,000 hours for normal applications.

JCB’s In-Cab Monitor checks engine oil levels, coolant, and system errors on start-up.

Unlike most STage IV/T4F engines, JCB EcoMAX doesn't use a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), saving you additional AdBlue fluid level maintenance.

Our innovative recalibration option allows EcoMAX to run on lower grade fuels. This means the JS220can be resold across different territories, which improves residuals.


A new reinforced boom and dipper is made of high tensile strength steel, with three-piece wrapper plates and cast ends for strength and durability.

Robust cast ends and pivot bosses make the new boom and dipper on this tracked excavator extremely strong.

The high-strength undercarriage of JS220 tracked excavators is of a fully welded X-frame construction for long-term durability even in the most demanding applications, and the rigid upper frame provides maximum durability and support.

The turret on JS220 tracked excavators is welded to both the upper and lower undercarriage frames, and stiff, durable doors provide further strength.

We use Finite Element Analysis with extensive rig and endurance testing to make these 360 excavators last longer.

For ultimate reliability, we construct our tracked excavators using only the very best componentry, including Berco running gear, Kawasaki pumps and Kayaba main control valves


Maximum Engine Power
Maximum Bucket Capacity