516-40 Telehandler

The smallest telehandler in our range, the JCB 516-40 is also one of the most innovative telehandlers in the world. Put simply, it’s a skid steer, wheeled loading shovel and forklift all in one compact telehandler package.

This small telehandler achieves its extraordinary versatility because of JCB’s revolutionary offset single-spine chassis. Core strength is under the boom and the chassis wraps around the cab, meaning the 516-40 cab can be mounted lower than normal. That means the whole machine sits lower (1.8m) for improved manoeuvrability and easier, safer cab access. Crucially, we haven’t had to reduce the cab size or performance to achieve these benefits.

So from greenhouses to multi-storey car parks, rental lots and smallholdings, the 516-40 Loadall is at home (OK, hard at work) anywhere.


  • One-piece fully welded chassis and large boom overlap
  • Compact size and superior manoeuvrability for working in tight spaces
  • Single-lever controls, proportional auxiliaries and great visibility
  • T3-compliant fuel-efficient JCB Diesel by Kohler engine
  • Safe to operate and easy to maintain
  • Efficient drivetrain and high resale values reduce operating costs


All daily checks and grease points are easily located at ground level on the JCB 516-40 Loadall.

Every filter is simple to access for fast, easy servicing on your JCB Loadall; the air filter features a double-element construction to aid cleaning.

The battery is located under the bonnet and it’s accessible using only the ignition key, with no special tools required.

Filling the diesel tank of your 516-40 is straightforward and can be done from ground level.

JCB wear pads use a dry lubricant system which prolongs degradation and, therefore, service life. Accordingly, wear pad service intervals are 500 hours, compared with 250 hours on typical competitor telehandlers.


The 516-40 telehandler’s single-lever joystick controls with proportional auxiliaries are quick and easy to use, offering precise control. The auxiliary service has an adjustable constant flow, allowing operators to programme their desired flow rate for operating attachments.

Visibility is excellent for such a compact telescopic handler; there’s a large roof screen and optional front and rear work lights. Control switches are ergonomically laid-out and backlit for easy recognition and good visibility at night.

You have a choice of cab – with or without air conditioning – to equip the 516-40 Loadall for any climate. Whichever cab you choose, you’ll find it large and spacious, with a wide-opening door for easy access.

Standard-fit tinted cab glass reflects 30% of the sun’s energy for increased operator comfort.

During operation, the upper portion of this telehandler’s stable-style door can be folded back to allow increased airflow into the cab.

There’s a choice of seating options to tailor your JCB 516-40 Loadall to operator requirements in different applications. Operators can work to their choice of soundtrack with our optional-fit radio speaker.


The JCB 516-40 telehandler’s compact wheelbase, tight steering lock angles, 1800mm height, 1560mm width, versatile hydrostatic transmission and permanent 4-wheel steering help to ensure a compact turning circle for excellent manoeuvrability.

The Tier 3-compliant JCB Diesel by Kohler engine in this compact telehandler produces 130Nm of torque at just 1600 rpm. There’s also a transmission dump on the foot brake for superb multi-functioning and increased power when loading or rehandling.

With the 516-40’s single auxiliary service, you can operate attachments that require hydraulic power.

Choose from three quickhitch options for your telescopic handler: JCB Compact Toolcarrier or skid-steer, available in either manual or hydraulic pin locking.

For ultimate traction in soft muddy areas, we’ve equipped the 516-40 with four-wheel-drive as standard, while a wide range of tyres helps you to work in many different environments. A joystick-mounted shuttle switch offers fast and easy directional control.

You can raise 1600kg throughout the lift arc of the boom, up to the full height of 4m. There’s also a 1000kg lift capacity at 2m forward reach, making it easy and safe to load or unload lorries of brick packs.


Fuel-efficient matching of the transmission and hydraulics is ensured because the 516-40 telehandler’s JCB Diesel by Kohler engine produces high levels of torque at engine speeds as low as 1600rpm.

JCB Loadalls have a well-earned reputation for delivering reliable performance with minimum downtime.

Steering rams on the 516-40 Loadall are located high on the axle out of harm’s way. You can also choose optional front screen guard for added protection from falling debris.

When you buy a JCB Loadall, you buy a machine that's sought after around the world for its legendary productivity and build quality. This level of demand keeps residuals correspondingly high.

Resale values are helped by our continued use of innovative design and build. For example, the JCB 516-40 has a patented offset single-spine chassis; the cab sits low in the chassis, keeping machine height down without compromising on comfort.


JCB’s Adaptive Load Control system automatically prevents your 516-40 Loadall from overturning forwards during heavy load handling.

Bystanders are safeguarded by our standard-fit reversing alarm.

The JCB 516-40 Loadall has hose burst check valves (HBCVs) to protect the rams from collapse in the event of a hose failure.

A seat safety switch disables forward/reverse if the operator isn’t seated.

For added peace of mind, this telehandler’s cab is ROPS (Rollover Protection System) and FOPS (Falling Objects Protection System) certified, keeping its operator protected at all times.

Cesar is a simple and effective method of machine identification and registration operated across the UK and Ireland by the Police. JCB fully supports the initiative and offers it as a factory fit across our full UK range of machines.