300 Skid Steer Loader

The large platform, Hi-Viz, JCB 300 skid steer loader provides the operator with excellent visibility to the attachment.

With a rated operating capacity of 1,445kg, this vertical lift machine is ideal for applications that require heavy, high-flow attachments for clearing material, mulching and agricultural tasks.



With versatile features and plenty of power, JCB skid steer loaders set new standards for efficiency and productivity.

  • All JCB skid steer loaders are equipped with efficient engines that require no DEF, no DPF and no engine aftertreatment. Unlike the cooling systems on conventional skid steers, JCB machines pull cool, clean air from above and force hot air out through the sides and rear, away from the operator.
  • All JCB skid steer loaders feature an industry standard quick hitch for simple coupling to all JCB attachments and attachments from other manufacturers.
  • On JCB large-platform machines, the standard hydraulic circuit on it is 90 lpm, with options for120 lpm or125 lpm available, depending on model.
  • Optional parallel lift makes it easier to position loads with forks or attachments on all JCB models.


With a wide-opening side door for safe entry and exit, operators no longer need to climb over large, slippery and awkward attachments, or under an unsupported boom.

  • The iconic JCB Powerboom™ loader arm enables 60 percent better visibility around the machine than conventional twin-arm machines.
  • With no rear torque tube, as required for conventional machines, operators also benefit from significantly improved rear visibility.
  • JCB skid steer loaders also offer unmatched visibility to the quick hitch and the cutting edge of the bucket, simplifying tasks such as changing attachments, loading trucks and working close to obstacles.


JCB skid steer loaders offer unrivalled operator comfort, to enable maximum productivity.

  • On large-platform machines, JCB cabs are 33% larger than the competition.
  • All JCB skid steer loaders feature a wide-opening side door for safe entry and exit, eliminating the need for operators to climb over attachments or under an unsupported boom.
  • JCB’s myCHOICE control software allows operators to tailor the sensitivity of joystick movement to match the way they work.


JCB skid steer loaders are easy to service and require minimal maintenance, for improved efficiency and productivity, and lower operating costs.

  • All daily checks are performed at ground level, and pre-filters, oil filters and air filters are easy to access via a large rear service door.
  • O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings reduce leaks and maintenance downtime.
  • JCB skid steers feature tilting cabs, which can be operated by one person and opened in just a few minutes, to provide access for deeper maintenance.
  • For quick cleaning with a power washer, JCB skid steers provide easy access to the engine bay and flat floors with no dirt-trapping foot wells.

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