TLT 27

One of the most compact Teletruks in our range, the TLT27 offers a maximum lift capacity of 2700 kg, weighing up to 1400 kg. The 27D can lift 1400 kg at 2 m reach for the far side of a lorry. The compact design makes it ideal for working in between narrow isles widths.

The JCB Teletruk is powered by either a Perkins 37 kW (50 hp) diesel engine or a GM 43 kW (57 hp) LPG engine. The forward reach is able to single side load, it reduces double-handling and keeps operators clear of hazardous environments.


  • Heavy Lift option for increased forward reach lift capacity
  • Up to 1,400kg lift capacity at 2m forward reach
  • Easily accessible components and service check areas
  • 35.6 kW diesel or 43 kW LPG engine choice


Capacity at 2m Reach
Maximum Lift Capacity
Maximum lift Height

Forward Reach

The Teletruk's unique telescopic forward reach allows you to reach to the load you want in the first, second or third row. All lifts are protected by JCB's load motion control systems aiding in the prevention of forward tip.

Single Side Loading

The Teletruk's unique telescopic forward reach allows you to unload trucks from one side. This means less forklift movements are required, loading in half the space, improving on-site safety and removing the need to push/pull items across the lorry bed.

Unrivalled Visibility

JCB Teletruk. The world's only telescopic counter balance forklift has been tailored to meet the demands of the logistics sector. The Teletruks unique side mounted boom design provides unrivalled forward visibility.