Teletruk 35

The compact Teletruk TLT35 has been designed with the construction industry in mind, offering a maximum lift capacity of 3500 kg, upto a maximum height of 4.4 m, and can lift 2400 kg max at 2 m reach or the far side of a lorry. The compact design makes it ideal for working in building supplier yards, utilities environments, nurseries, garden centres and scaffolding depots.

The JCB Teletruk is powered by JCB Diesel by Kohler 46 kW (62 hp). The 4WD option delivers four tonne tractive effort supporting bucket work, steep inclines and poor ground conditions.

Models available: 35D 2WD, 35D 4WD, 35 Agri, 35 Logistics, 35 Waste. 

Teletruk 2WD Application image - lifting


Every effort has been made to enhance the ergonomics of the Teletruk, ensuring superb operator comfort throughout the working day and enabling you to get the maximum productivity out of this uniquely versatile machine.

  • The controls themselves are ergonomically designed with everything in easy reach and a display that is clearly viewed in any light. The JCB Teletruk also features a multifunctional control lever.
  • The Teletruk offers several cab choices, from simple canopy to fully glazed and low cab options, providing the most comfortable working conditions whatever the climate or conditions.


The Teletruk offers typical savings of up to 30% on operating costs compared to a masted forklift truck. This is a result of the typical time, space, and fuel usage savings of single side loading.

  • Up to 50% yard loading space can be saved. The rest of the space can be utilised for other duties and there is no need to spend extra time repositioning vehicles around work yards. 
  • Using a big bag shovel, loose aggregates can be bagged on demand saving time off loading pre-bagged materials and space from bulk bag storage.
  • The Teletruk can often do the work of five machines on site - a Conventional Masted Forklift Truck, Skid Steer Loader, Compact Telescopic Handler, Rough Terrain Forklift and a Compact Wheeled Loader. This could reduce your fleet holding operational running costs.
  • The JCB Teletruk also benefits from a fast, easy attachment changing system; switching between attachments can be done in under 30 seconds, from inside the cab, using the JCB Changeeze, saving both time and fleet operational costs.


With no mast blocking the view ahead like on conventional forklifts, the Teletruk's unique side boom provides unrivalled forward visibility. Telescopic forward reach allows you to unload lorries from one side so no forklift movement around the other side of the lorry is required, ensuring pedestrians stay safe and separate.

  • When a delivery truck has to be parked on the roadside, the Teletruk can carry out all unloading from one side so there is no need to travel into the public highway.
  • As part of EU machinery directive EN15000, our Load Motion Control reduces the possibility of overloading the machine.
  • Hose burst check valves prevent any loss of pressure in hydraulic cylinders, maintaining the boom in its position and in the unlikely event of a system failure.
  • The cab structure is both ROPS and FOPS compliant with additional safety features, a front screen guard, optional overhead guard, lap belts fitted as standard and optional speed control.
  • The 111 degrees of carriage rotation makes handling of goods much easier and safer. The Teletruk can also easily recover tipped or fallen loads, removing the requirement for manual handling. 


Forklift trucks need to spend the maximum amount of time hard at work. We've designed the Teletruk to do just that, with long service intervals and quality components.

  • Ground-level access to all the major components and service interval checks is quick and easy through the side-opening door and tilting cab.
  • A fully enclosed hydrostatic drive system eliminates common exposed drive shaft and external brake problems.
  • For additional peace of mind, the JCB Teletruk comes with a two-year, 3000 hours JCB Warranty as standard.