JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions.

The JCB 30-19E electric Teletruk is one of a new generation of innovative products called JCB E-TECH, with zero emissions at point of use but no compromise on performance. It has unique and safe features designed to save you time and space, inside and outside.

ETLT 30-19E Construction Application Shot


The JCB Electric Teletruk is designed to make the most of your time and space. Its unique telescopic boom, small turning circle and single side loading ability allow it to do more materials handling work, inside and out.

  • Save 70m2 of space per truck with single side loading.
  • Save 8 minutes opening and closing curtain time per truck load.
  • Low 2.2m cab height allows access inside containers and trailers.
  • Full free lift of 1575mm as standard.


The JCB Electric Teletruk has been designed for efficient 24/7 operation. Its unique telescopic boom saves you time, space and money while its battery can be changed quickly, making it the ideal choice for your constantly moving world.

  • 3 Euro-pallets can be van loaded easily and safely within 2 minutes.
  • An integral part of the logistics 'final mile' distribution chain
  • Efficient 2-minute battery change.
  • Work for a full 8-hour shift on a single charge.


With superb visibility, precision control and several unique design features, the unique electric Teletruk reaches new heights of safety and eliminates the need for any manual handling. Operators feel in total control within any environment and in any application.

  • Unique Load Motion Control feature prevents forward tip.
  • 360-degree field of vision around the machine and to the attachment.
  • Unique 111 degrees of carriage rotation makes handling goods easier and safer.
  • Single level control for easier, safer operation. 


The JCB Electric Teletruk is the world's most versatile counterbalance forklift. Unique forward reach allows single side truck, van and container loading and unloading. A low height and small turning circle make indoor and outdoor applications almost limitless.

  • Van, truck, container and rail loading, supports all areas of logistics.
  • Range of Teletruk attachments plus compatibility with industry standard ones.
  • Sealed components under the cab makes all weather working possible.
  • Unique forward reach for unlimited application versatility. 


JCB is leading the way in clean technology and reducing harmful emissions, especially in urban, air quality sensitive environments and enclosed spaces. The Electric Teletruk lets you access a whole new world of possibilities, while protecting the environment.

  • Equally efficient indoors and outdoors, making it a great environmental choice.
  • Zero emissions at point of use.
  • Low noise pollution protects the hearing of operators and other workers.
  • Real-time measurement of energy consumption via JCB's LiveLink telematics system.

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