8-17 kVA Yanmar

When you need reliable power and a compact solution, JCB’s 8-17 kVA models offer a versatile power generator. 

The 8–17 kVA generators are built around industry recognised internal componentry. Powered by the 3 and 4 cylinder water-cooled Yanmar engine, this range offers superior performance and maximum reliability. Each generator is built to the highest standard just the same as our larger generators. 


  • 3 and 4 cylinder water-cooled Yanmar engines power this range
  • Compact widths from 620 mm
  • 13 hours of power from a single tank of fuel at 75% load
  • Open and canopy variants offer versatility
  • Generator operation is easy with simple control panel


Engine Emissions
Fuel Optimised


A small generator is ideal for transporting, as a ready power source wherever and whenever you need it. 

Whether you have an open or canopy model, this range delivers reliable performance in a compact generator. 

Standard canopy units feature a single lift point and fork pockets for superb manoeuvrability.

These generators are lightweight which makes them easy to lift on and off transport. And for mobile applications, this compact and lightweight range can be towed on a trailer for quick and easy on site power.


A digital control panel is fitted as standard on all JCB Generators from 17QX and above.  

A simple to use CP1 control panel is fitted on all units, with the exception of the 8 and 13 kVA models which feature a JCB KS1 start system. 

The CP1 digital control panel lets you programme the system to meet your own requirements, to give you full functionality to monitor and operate on any application. A control panel viewing window allows a quick view of control panel information such as engine performance, and both audio and visual warnings are included in the CP1 to aid operation.

To maintain safety and security, each control panel is secured behind a lockable door.


The 8 – 17 kVA range is highly versatile, meaning power can be supplied to a range of industries and regions.

Open or canopied, single of 3 phase, 50 or 60 Hz frequency, plus various voltage options ; this range of generators gives you a lot of options for tailoring to meet your exact needs. 

A water-cooled 3 or 4 cylinder Yanmar engine provides the power to deliver superior performance.

LiveLink for Power

JCB generators feature LiveLink for Power telematics as standard over 65kVA, and as an option on all other models. LiveLink provides useful data to monitor load phasing, fuel efficiency, and any potential faults. Find out how customers are benefiting from LiveLink on JCB generators.