Rental Range 19-1,250 kVA

When you need to be confident that your power source is reliable, efficient and high performing; JCB’s New RS rental generator range can generate the power and confidence you need, wherever you operate.

These generators provide innovative, efficient design, cutting edge engine technology and market-leading telemetry. Providing power from 19KVA – 1,250kVA, each generator boasts all the quality you'd expect from JCB.

In order to provide the most efficient power supply, we build our rental generators with premium engines from manufacturers like Yanmar, JCB, John Deere, Volvo and Cummins. We recognise that every application is different, which is why the RS generator range can provide prime, standby, load share or auto start power, to provide the most flexible and versatile power, so you’ve always got the right solution for your needs.


  • Durable bunded base with 110% overfill capacity to reduce site contamination in the event of a leak
  • Large 24-hour fuel tanks as standard or 48-hour tanks to reduce filling intervals
  • Heavy-duty corrosion resistant steel canopy protects the whole generator
  • Oversized fork pockets with large rubber buffers protect the baseframe
  • Stage IIIA emissions-compliant engines as standard to meet legislation
  • Large lockable doors on each side of an RS generator provide easy and secure access to key service points

Built to last

Every JCB rental generator is housed in a robust canopy or container made from heavy-duty corrosion resistant steel. This protects your investment throughout a rental application, both onsite and during transit.

There’s a heavy duty oversized baseframe, complete with robust anchor points so you can secure your generator properly during transport.

Oversized fork pockets with large rubber buffers protect the baseframe when you’re lifting the machine.

Opt for a heavy-duty chain pull bar to give you even more ways to move your generator on site.


So that you can get the power up and running quickly and easily on any site, the RS range is intuitive to use. The distribution panels, sockets and busbar are all housed in the same place.

We’ve made our generators as compact as possible, so that you can transport your power easily and move more units at once.

Our clear and informative control panel provides all sorts of at-a-glance machine information and clear prompts. To aid onsite management, you can check the display through a window.

Fuelling productivity

We’ve fitted these generatorswith internal fuel fill points with high level vents to reduce spillage and arge 24-hour fuel tanks as standard to reduce filling intervals. You can opt for a 48-hour tank for even longer working stints.

A three-way fuel valve means you can use your generator with external or high capacity fuel tanks.

Uniquely, RS generators have a fuel tank inspection hatch to make life easier for operators carrying out routine checks.

Keeping you informed

JCB LiveLink for Power is fitted as standard on all rental generators over 60kVA to provide real-time information like fuel levels and service notifications to keep you in complete control.

LiveLink lets you monitor and manage your generator remotely via web, email or phone to provide the ultimate fleet management tool.

Get quick, easy access to performance reports, fault diagnostics and more to optimise your generator’s performance.

Made to perform

Engines and alternators are set up to work in perfect harmony to provide a JCB Generator that provides the ultimate efficiency and excellent load acceptance.

Because we only fit the best engines to our generators, we only use world class componentry alongside, from suppliers like Mecc Alte and Deep Sea Electronics. This enhances efficiency and performance.

For extra peace of mind, our warranty is there to provide you with the exact cover you require for your generator use.

Generator Business Powers Ahead

Dubai-based Rental Solutions & Services (RSS) has bought more than 400 JCB generators in their second major deal in 12 months.

2 x JCB Rental Generator supports William Martini Racing team


JCB's high-powered rental generators are providing power to the exclusive Williams Martini Racing, as the team tours the top European Formula One circuits. 

JCB Rental Generators are powered by a range of dependable engines coupled with superior components to offer you reliability and efficiency.

Model Prime (PRP) output at 50Hz Engine Specification Sheets
G19RS 19 kVA  Yanmar  Download 
G30RS 30 kVA  Mitsubishi  Download 
G40RS 40 kVA  Mitsubishi  Download 
G60RS  60 kVA  JCB Dieselmax  Download 
G80RS  80 kVA  JCB Dieselmax  Download 
G100RS 100 kVA  JCB Dieselmax  Download 
G125RS 125 kVA  JCB Dieselmax  Download 
G150RS 150 kVA  John Deere  Download 
G200RS 200 kVA  John Deere Download 
G250RS 250 kVA  John Deere  Download 
G300RS 300 kVA  John Deere  Download 
G500RS  500 kVA  Volvo Download 
G1000RS  1,000 kVA Cummins Download 
G1250RS 1,250 kVA  Cummins Download 

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JCB Rental Generators are powered by a range of dependable engines coupled with superior components to offer you reliability and efficiency.